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Engineering Technology

The Engineering Technology program at Las Positas College is designed for those who want a hands-on engineering career with a focus on mechanical technology in an applied setting. The emphasis is on Mechanical Engineering applications and developing an understanding of how engineering, technology and manufacturing principles are applied in practice. The program provides students with foundational knowledge in mathematics, critical thinking, problem solving, and engineering design, as well as skills in manufacturing, fabrication, and welding so that students are able to adapt to the ever-changing modern industrial workplace. Graduates of the program may assume employment as mechanical technicians, mechanical technologists, stationary engineers, or in other applied engineering fields and collaborate with scientists, engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals. Students may also choose to continue their education towards a degree in a related engineering discipline.

Hear what people are saying about the Engineering Technology program at Las Positas College:

"One of the best parts of this program is it’s connection with the lab (LLNL). It’s clear that they are really invested in the welfare of the students and that they want us to be successful as technologists in the field"

– David Escarcega, Engineering Tech Student

"Because the program is set up with a cohort model, it provides us with the opportunity to have an amazing comradery with one another and to support one another through both personal and academic challenges."

– Destiny Goddu, Engineering Tech Student

For more information about the program please contact Kelsey Wat, Student Support Specialist 925-424-1306

Statement of Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the AS - Engineering Technology will be able to:

  • Describe the field of engineering technology, and how it interconnects with pure and applied research
  • Select and apply a knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to engineering technology problems that require the application of principles and applied procedures or methodologies
  • Select and apply the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of the discipline to broadly-defined engineering technology activities.
  • Think critically, communicate effectively, and work in teams with other engineering professionals
  • Write and present technical reports to a variety of audiences
  • Analyze data, interpret findings, and predict results

Background for Offering this AS

Las Positas College and its partners (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NASA Ames, and the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board) have developed a program in Engineering Technology specifically to meet local demand for high-skilled workers in the field of engineering technology, and to expand economic development in the East Bay.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses Units
ENGR 10 - Introduction to Engineering 2
WLDT 79 - Manufacturing Processes 2
MATH 20 - Pre Calculus 5
ENGR 22 - Engineering Design Graphics 3
INTN 1- Internship Seminar 1
INTN 2 - Internship Field Placement 3
PHYSICS 2A - Introduction to Physics 4
WLDT 62A & 62AL - TIG, MIG, and Blueprint Reading 3
ENGR 37 - Applied Statics and Materials 3
WLDT 63 - Welding Layout & Fitting 2
SPCH 1- Fundamentals of Speech Communication*
(*Program based General Education for AS degree)
General Education and Elective Coursework 29
Total Units 60


Building 1800

Keith Level
Engineering Faculty

Scott Miner
Welding Faculty

Kelsey Wat
Student Support Specialist

Nan Ho
Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Public Safety Dean