Financial Aid

Financial Aid Eligibility

To receive Federal and most State financial aid, an applicant must:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen or an eligible non-citizen (permanent resident, resident alien, refugee, asylee); NOTE: State of California programs may have a less restrictive residency requirement for non-U.S. citizens

    The following students are NOT eligible to file a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application: Non-immigrants are, as defined by federal law, admitted to the United States temporarily and granted one of the following visas:
    A, B-1, B-2, C, D-1, D-2, E, F-1, F-2, G, H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4, I, J, K, L, M-1, M-2, N, O-1, O-2, O-3, P-1, P-2, P-3, P-4, Q, R, S, TN, TD, V and TWOV and NATO. Click here for more details

  • Be enrolled at Las Positas College

  • Be officially enrolled in a degree, certificate, or eligible transfer program in a declared major at Las Positas

  • Be making satisfactory academic progress according to financial aid policy

  • Have financial need as demonstrated through application on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Not be in default on a Federal student loan or owe a repayment on a Federal student grant

  • Have a high school diploma, a GED (General Equivalency Diploma), their equivalent, or demonstrate an ability to benefit from a college education by passing the required Department of Education approved 'Ability to Benefit' test* offered by the Assessment and Tutorial Center.

  • Be registered with the Selective Service (unless not required to register). Supply an accurate Social Security Number and name.

  • Provide all documentation requested by the financial aid office.

    *For students who have enrolled before July 1, 2012 and do not have a high school diploma or equivalent and would like to qualify for financial aid, we provide a test to determine if the student meets the criteria to be eligible for aid. Students are usually referred by the Financial Aid Department for this test. This is a pass or fail test and is done by appointment only.

    Please confirm with the Financial Aid office if you are eligible.

Financial Aid

Building 1600
Room 1650 (second floor)
Tel: 925.424.1580
Fax: 925.449.6038

General Information

Federal School Code: 030357

We have an after-hours DROPBOX
located in the hallway between the
Admissions and Financial Aid Offices,
for your convenience.

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Page last modified: April 18, 2016