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Some Las Positas College student-parents are forced to drop out of college because they cannot afford quality day care for their children. The parents must forego their educational goals to look after their young children.

The 2GenFund provides scholarships for the toddler and pre-school children of deserving LPC students. The amount of each scholarship varies depending on the individual circumstances of each child’s family. It can range up to as much as $5,000 per semester.

The 2GenFund Scholarship was created to fund a child’s enrollment at the Las Positas College Early Childhood Center. The center is an advanced and high quality children’s pre-school with superbly trained and licensed early educators who facilitate learning toddlers (age 18-30 months) and preschoolers (age 3-5 years). They provide the enrolled children with social-emotional, cognitive, gross motor, and fine motor skills that will give them an important leg-up in their K-12 educational experiences.

The 2GenFund Scholarship is a winning program for all:

  • Scholarship-recipient toddlers and preschoolers benefit by having an early educational experience that prepares them to excel in K-12 studies.
  • Student-parents benefit because they are able to focus on obtaining their own LPC educational goals… right on the same campus as their children.
  • The community benefits because the 2GenFund Scholarship assist two generations to be better prepared citizens of the Tri-Valley region.

Scholarships for toddler and pre-school students are need and performance-based. Requirements include family financial constraints and the parent’s successful pursuit of a college educational goal. Complete the form below to learn more about the 2GenFund Scholarship program.

2Gen Fund Scholarship
2Gen Fund Scholarship


DEADLINE for Fall 2017 Award: May 15, 2017

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