Student Learning Outcomes

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes should be written for all degrees and certificates at LPC. They describe the knowledge, abilities, and skills that students should possess when they earn a degree or certificate.

Instructors who have not written program outcomes can get help by viewing the "Guidelines for writing program outcomes" by Arizona State University.

Many instructors at LPC have already written their program outcomes and mapped course SLOs to them.

View a list of LPC program outcomes
View LPC program outcomes with course SLOs mapped to them.

All program outcomes submitted will be entered into eLumen by the college's eLumen administrator.

When you submit your program outcomes, you will also be asked to list the courses -- and SLOs within those courses -- that connect, or "map", to the program outcomes. These allow the program outcomes to be measured after instructors have assessed SLOs in their courses.

Student Learning Outcomes

John Ruys
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Ann Hight
SLO Committee Co-Chair

Madeline Wiest
Curriculum and SLO Specialist

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Page last modified: October 11, 2016