The Las Positas College Photography program offers a broad array of course opportunities crossing a full spectrum of the imaging field. The Certificate assures a solid grounding in photography fundamentals upon which to build one's further photographic field experiences.

Students become familiar with traditional film-based and digital (electronic) imaging technologies for making artistically rendered, captivating photographic images (both black & white and color) used in all areas of visual communications and media. Students do hands-on work in the College's well-equipped studio, darkroom and computer laboratory. They master digital imaging in preparation for print and web distribution, create short programs in videography, and work with artificial lighting for portrait and commercial applications.

Most students will take a history of photography class and a course concentrating on doing documentary work. Short-term courses on special photographic topics, each focusing on a unique aspect of photography or tutorial study with well-known professionals, are also offered on a regular basis.


Arts, Letters & Social Sciences Dean

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017