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Mass Communications

The Las Positas College Mass Communications program and the Associate in Arts Degree in Mass Communications are designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the principles, roles, techniques, and effects of media in society as well as experience in the application of these principles to the student media. Student media at Las Positas College include the newspaper, the radio station, the journalistic magazine, the literary magazine, television, and video journalism, all of which include multimedia components. The Las Positas College Mass Communications Associate Degree provides specific hands-on training that will prepare students for immediate job entry, especially involving broadcast and technology.

Mass Communications at Las Positas College also includes options for students who are entering the workforce, including a Certificate of Achievement in Mass Communications: Journalism and a low-unit local Career Certificate in Mass Communications: Radio. Since some students may view the AA degree to be the culmination of their educational experience, the broad-based focus serves to hone and refine students' reading, writing, speaking, cultural literacy, and critical thinking skills, enabling them to succeed in an academic environment or in the workplace and providing specific hands-on skills that would be especially beneficial in the workplace.

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Melissa Korber