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Need Priority Registration?

Congratulations for pursuing your educational goals at Las Positas College! In order to help you reach your goals, we encourage you to complete the three core services of orientation, assessment and a student education plan. By completing these core services, you will guarantee yourself priority registration!

Priority Registration Regulations

Priority registration allows you to register early so you can get into courses before they fill up. To be eligible, you must participate in orientation, complete the assessment process for math and English course placement, and develop a Student Education Plan with a counselor. This process will help you to clearly define your goals, stay on track, and take the most direct route to reach your goals!

In addition to completing the online orientation, the Math and English assessment and developing a student education plan, continuing students must also be in good academic standing and must not have exceeded 100 units. Continuing students who are on academic or progress probation, or dismissal status, and/or who have completed more than 100 units will be placed in a lower group for priority registration.

Active-duty military and veterans and current and former foster youth will continue to have the highest priority for registration. Students in the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS and CARE), CalWORKs, and Disabled Students Programs and Services will also continue to have the highest priority.

Why is completing the 3 core services for priority registration an important step in your success?


LPC offers an online orientation for all new students. The Orientation provides valuable information and access to resources that will help you reach your educational goals! After completing the orientation, you will have a better understanding of financial aid services, how to register for classes, supportive services such as tutoring and the library, types of degrees you can earn while here, and more! Orientation will help you adjust to your new college.


College assessment tests measure your academic knowledge and skills and take the guesswork out of choosing courses at the right level. You might find out that you are ready for higher-level courses in some areas, or need more preparation in other areas. Your assessment results help you know where to begin in your college career in Math and English. It’s important to understand that our assessment is not a pass or fail exam! You can view the math and English sequence charts to see where it's possible for you to begin. You can access free online study guides from the Assessment Center.

Schedule your assessment at a time when you don’t have other obligations so you won’t feel rushed. Get enough sleep the night before, and eat a snack beforehand so you stay energized and focused. The English and ESL Assessments will take approximately 1.5 hours. The Math Assessment will take approximately 1.0 hour. Please plan accordingly and allow at least 2 hours for testing. You will need to bring a picture ID and you will need to know your “W” number.

Student Education Plan

Your Student Education Plan (SEP), created with the help of a counselor, is a step-by-step guide based on requirements to meet your goals and how soon you would like to complete them. Planning ahead will ensure you take your courses in the right sequence to enroll in the courses you need, when you need them. You should meet with a counselor during your first semester to complete your SEP! Make an appointment with a counselor now.

In your SEP appointment, be prepared to discuss your educational goals. Why are you taking classes at LPC? What do you hope to accomplish? What is your major? Do you want to transfer? Are you undecided? That’s okay! You can meet with a counselor to explore major, degree, career and transfer options. Counselors can help you with academic, career, or personal decision-making! You will receive information regarding certificate and degree options, and transfer.

Waiving Core Services

Students who have met certain requirements may request to waive the Assessment service. Students may not waive the Orientation or Student Education Plan services.

Students may waive the Assessment requirement if they meet any of the following circumstances:

  • Completed an Associate Degree or higher
  • Successfully completed Math or English at another college
  • Completed an alternate Assessment, and can provide documentation of the result

Exemption from Core Services

Any student who believes they are eligible for exemption from any of the Student Success and Support Programs core services should consult with a counselor. You will need to complete the Exemption Form and submit it to the Counseling Department (1st floor, bldg. 1600). Please note: students who are exempt from any of the core services will not meet the requirements for a higher priority registration group.

Orientation Exemption - Students cannot become exempt from Orientation. All students must complete the online orientation.

Assessment Exemption - If a student has an AP English and/or math test score of 3 or better (a copy of the AP score report is required); and/or if the student completed a college-level English and/ or Mathematics course with a grade “C” or higher (official transcripts required) he/she may be exempted from the assessment core service.

Student Educational Plan Exemption - There are no exemptions to the Student Educational Plan. Students must meet with a counselor to develop an SEP.

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