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Tutoring Subjects Spring 2017


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To get a tutor, please fill out a request in the Tutorial Center or request a tutor online.

To apply to be a tutor, get an application packet in Room 2401, and schedule an interview with Pauline Trummel


Tutoring in LPC Subjects

Accounting (Business 1A, 1B)

Administration of Justice (AJ)

Anatomy (Bio 7A)

Anatomy & Physiology (Bio 50)

American Sign Language --ASL (1,2)

Anthropology (1, 13)

Art History

Biology 30

Chemistry (1A, 1B, 30A, 30B, 31)

Computer Science (1,2, 21)

Economics (1,2)

Engineering (25, 35,44)

English (all classes)

English as a Second Language --ESL (all classes)

French (1,2)

Geography (1)

History (1,2 7, 8)

Math (all levels)

Microbiology (Bio 7C)

Psychology (1)

Physics (2A, 2B, 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D)

Physiology (Bio 7B)

Political Science (all)

Spanish (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B)

Statistics (Math 40)





Tutorial Center

Study, Tutoring and Reading Room

MDB Room 2401

Email Pauline Trummel
Office Phone: 925.424.1471
Fax: 925.456.0671



Hours of Operation




Monday 9-7

Tuesday 9-7

Wednesday 9-7

Thursday 9-7

Friday 9-3



Monday 10-3

Tuesday 10-4

Wednesday 10-4

Thursday 10-3





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