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The Tutorial Center members are happy to help you achieve your academic goals. We're here for you!

Pauline Trummel, coordinator

Pauline Trummel

Tutorial Programs Instructor & Coordinator
Phone: 925.424.1471
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Office: 2401A

D. Pauline Trummel is the Tutorial Programs Instructor and Faculty Coordinator. Pauline received her BS in Ed from Illinois State University in 1976 and her MS in Ed from Cal State Hayward in 1983. She has been in education since 1976. In addition to teaching in clinic and classroom settings, she ran a private tutoring business for 15 years. Pauline was hired as an adjunct faculty member at LPC in February 1997. Her primary responsibilities are teaching the series of three Tutoring Theory and Practice classes, recruiting, and advising tutors. She also supervises and schedules tutors, writes newsletters, recruits students needing tutoring, evaluates tutors, provides orientations to classes and coordinates the tutoring program at LPC. Pauline loves working with the tutors and students at the LPC Tutorial Center in her multi-faceted job.


cheri morrell, instructional assistant

Cheri Morrell

Instructional Assistant
Phone: 925.424.1451
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Cheri Morrell was a student assistant for the Assessment and Tutorial Center for three years before being hired as the Professional Specialist in the Tutorial Center in 2007. Cheri received her AA from LPC in May 2007 in Liberal Studies. Now, as a full time Instructional Assistant, Cheri's primary responsibilities in the Tutorial Center are managing the time sheets & tutorial records, scheduling students with tutors, and overseeing the Study, Tutoring and Reading Room. Cheri's warm personality makes students feel welcome and relaxed.



Sara Parlagreco

On-Call Hourly Instructional Assistant
Phone: 925.424.1450

Sara was an tutor while she was completing her AA and transfer here at LPC. Sara was hired as an on-call hourly (part time) employee. Her positive and welcoming personality is perfect for welcoming students, tutors, and faculty to the Tutorial Center. In addition to reception, she is responsible for daily data entry of tutorial information, working with the HSI cohort students, learning and teaching others how to use Tutor Trac and giving orientations.


hands of the tutors

The Tutors

The tutors are the heart of the LPC tutorial program. Each semester we have between 65-75 tutors serving LPC students.We continue to hire throughout the semester as the need arises. Some of our tutors volunteer their time, others are being paid. All tutors receive training to do their job by taking the Tutoring Theory and Practice classes at three different levels. The tutors take their jobs seriously; therefore, LPC students who come to tutoring, find themselves learning and their grades improving throughout the semester. Our formula for success: Trained Tutors + Independent/Active Learners + Encouraging/Positive Environment = Educational Success




Tutorial Center

Study, Tutoring and Reading Room

MDB Room 2401

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Office Phone: 925.424.1471
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