Campus Safety & Security

Lost and Found

The campus safety office takes great pride in returning lost and found property to their rightful owners. All property found on campus is brought to the Campus Safety Office in Building 1700, office 1725 where it is recorded in the Found Property Log. When an owner can be identified through the College records or other means, they will be notified immediately by mail or telephone.

The Campus Safety Office maintains a written log of lost items in the event that the property has not yet reached the Campus Safety Office. The Campus Safety Office will take your information and a description of the lost item, and you will be informed if/when the lost item comes into our office by mail or telephone.

All found property is held for and disposed of in the manner prescribed by law.

Campus Safety & Security
Lost & Found

Building 1700
Room 1725


*16 from Campus Pay Phones
Emergency call-boxes

Switchboard operators are here until 7pm Monday - Thursday, and 5pm on Fridays.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017