Campus Safety & Security

Crime Reporting Procedures

20 U.S.C. 1092(1)(A)

Las Positas College maintains a security department with personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Persons are encouraged to report any criminal activity or any other emergency at any time day or night by calling Campus Security at 925.424.1699 or by coming in person to the campus safety office located in room 1725.  If the office is closed, the on-duty security officer can be contacted by telephone in the following ways:

  • From any off-campus phone, dial the campus switchboard at 925.424.1000 until 9 pm.
  • From any on-campus telephone between 7am and 11pm, dial 925.424.1690 for normal business, or in the event of an emergency, dial 1699.
  • From any college pay phone, in the event of an emergency, dial *16.  No coin is needed.

Emergency Call boxes are also located in several parking lots, on the campus parimeter road, and near the Student Center.  In the event of an emergency, push the button on the Call box and the on-duty officer is notified over his walkie-talkie of your location.  You may communicate directly with the on-duty officer by following the directions on the Call box.  Outside the entrance to the Campus Safety Office (1725) there is an emergency auto-dialer.  In the case of an emergency and the office is locked, you can push the button on the auto-dialer.  This will ring to the on-duty security officer’s walkie-talkie and you will be able to communicate directly with the officer.

Statement of Enforcement Authority for Campus Safety & Security Department

The campus safety officer meets the legal definition of a security officer because of appointment pursuant to the California Education Code, section 70902.  The campus safety officer is not a peace officer, but sections 626 and 627 of the California Penal Code provide special authority for school security officers to make an arrest if the perpetrator fails to leave the college grounds after being directed to do so.  In addition to this authority, campus safety officers can arrest for any misdemeanor or felony committed within their presence, but must use section 837 P.C. – arrest by a private person – to accomplish the arrest.

Campus safety officers derive additional authority from section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code.  This section covers parking on school property.  Officers can issue citations for violations of District Parking Regulations using this section.

Mutual Agreement with the Livermore Police Department

Las Positas College and the Livermore Police Department have entered into a mutual agreement to define their respective campus safety and law enforcement roles relating to Las Positas College.

Under the guidelines of this agreement, the College Department of Campus Safety/Security is responsible for maintaining safety and security on campus.  These duties include routine patrols, traffic and parking enforcement, reporting safety hazards, and writing various reports involving thefts, vandalism, disturbing the peace, student injuries and non-injury vehicle collisions.  The Livermore Police Department is responsible for investigating all felony and violent crimes on campus, vehicle collisions involving injuries, and taking custody of persons arrested per Section 847 of the California Penal Code.

Statement for Non-Sworn Officers

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District employs security officers with training specific to campus security.

Campus Safety & Security
Lost & Found

Building 1700
Room 1725


*16 from Campus Pay Phones
Emergency call-boxes

Switchboard operators are here until 7pm Monday - Thursday, and 5pm on Fridays.

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Page last modified: August 31, 2010