Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what the deadlines are?

All students should consult the college catalog and also the LPC website, specifically Admissions and Records. All college deadlines are posted on the Academic Calendar. The deadline to apply for a degree or certificate is Friday, April 8th. If you miss this deadline, please contact John Armstrong, Student Records Evaluator at 925.424.1547.

How will I know if I completed my requirements?

If you have submitted a Request for AA/AS Degree or Certificate Application, you will be notified within six to eight weeks (unless it is registration time), if you are eligible for your respective degree and/or certificate or if you have courses that need to be completed.

If I have been accepted by a four-year institution, what should I be aware of?

You will need to complete and request, from Admission and Records, the required IGETC and GE Certificates as well as make sure you have ordered your most recent transcript. It would be best to ask the intended university what it is they require from your previous school(s).

Do I have to attend rehearsal?

Yes - the Rehearsal is at 3 pm SHARP in Room 2401. Please note: there is not enough time for you to leave the area between rehearsal and the ceremony at 6 pm. If you have a work related issue or an emergency that precludes you from attending, prior arrangements must be made through Student Services by calling Julie Thornburg at 925.424.1406.

Do I just show up for the Commencement Ceremony?

If you show up and have not completed the required paperwork, this will make your afternoon rather challenging and you may not be able to participate. There is required paperwork needed to evaluate your records and to prepare your name card for the commencement ceremony.

Failure to submit the Request for AA/AS Degree or Certificate Application will result in:

  • no formal review of your student record,
  • not being notified about Commencement,
  • not receiving a degree or certificate, and
  • not being able to attend the Commencement ceremony

Do I Need to Wear a Cap and Gown?

Yes. All graduates are required to wear customary graduation garments to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

  • Graduates should arrive wearing cap and gown with the tassel on the front right side of the cap.

Where can I buy a Cap and Gown?

At the Las Positas College Bookstore.

I have a huge family that wants to see me graduate, is there any way to get extra tickets?

The College will have Room 2420 available for guests that do not have a ticket. The past few years we reached our seat limitations by the end of the ticket distribution. Graduates are welcome to check with Admissions and Records at 925.424.1544.

I have a family member that just had surgery, is there special seating accommodations?

If you are a graduate or guest that has a physical disability or medical condition that requires special seating or assistance, please email Jocelyn Santos or contact John Armstrong at 925.424.1547.

Guests who require special seating will be provided with one ticket for themselves and one ticket for an attendant to sit in the designated access mobility area. All other ticketed guests are required to sit within the bleachers. Please note that these tickets are included in the four ticket limit per student. The rest of the family must have tickets and sit in the bleachers.  The College provides first row bleacher seating and fold-out chairs at the back of the gym.

When will the ceremony end?

The commencement ceremony usually lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Student Success

For application information

John Armstrong
Student Records Evaluator

For events information

Julie Thornburg
Event Coordintor


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Page last modified: April 22, 2016