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Measure A Requests

Student Services

  1. Security and Safety
    • All buildings should be hard wired with security systems.
    • In Building 1600 there is a need for panic buttons, especially in Counselors’ offices and the front service areas in Counseling, A&R, Financial Aid. This is really a safety issue because there is no way for the staff to leave their office or work area without jeopardizing their own safety and the safety of others. The buttons will allow immediate access to Campus Safety.
    • The front transaction/service glass windows need to be reconfigured/redesigned to provide a more safe work environment. Admissions and Financial Aid would like a redesign of the front service areas to address safety issues. In the current configuration, the cash drawers are in plain sight and are accessible to the public. The current transaction dynamic – also has the employee in a vulnerable position (the student is standing while the employee is in a seated position).
    • The glass in Building 1600 is not shatterproof.
    • The front transaction/service glass windows in Admissions, Financial Aid and Counseling need locks. There is no way to secure these windows in case of an emergency.
  2. Veterans Center - this was listed in the bond measure as one of the major facilities in the bond.
  3. Student Union – a place for students to gather. Could include meeting rooms, study rooms, café, computer lab, recreational space. This type of building could help build community for our commuter students.
  4. A “Community Center.” Several people suggested a building oriented to community engagement. One idea is a welcome center which could house an information desk, theater tickets, bookstore, and other services of interest to the community and first time visitors. The community building could also be a planetarium where local K-12 students could have field trips and possibly bring in revenue.
  5. Student and faculty housing were listed in the bond . Consideration should be given to those projects identified to the voters in the bond measure.
  6. Storage – we have run out of space for adequate storage.