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Posting a Homepage Event

Posting announcements and events to the Las Positas College homepage is a privilege extended to Las Positas faculty and staff ONLY. Students affiliated with an official club may submit an announcement or event that will be posted pending approval from the club advisor.

Individuals who submit an announcement or event should complete the Homepage Events Form. You will receive an email confirmation that your event has been accepted for posting, or that your event is ineligible or incomplete.

Where Your Information will be Posted

Your announcement or event will be posted with a brief description on the News & Events page: .

Posting Dates

Typically, your announcement or event will be posted on your requested "post" date and removed on your requested "remove" date. Because we must review and activate your event, a slight delay (within two days) may be possible if the post date happens to be the current day you submit your event. Therefore, if it's important that your event be posted immediately by a particular date, you should submit it at least two days before this day, especially if the event pertains to a club event or activity.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only staff employed at the college can submit an event. Students affiliated with an official club may submit an event that will be posted pending approval from the club advisor.
  2. Events must be college-wide and of direct benefit for our students and community. Events limited to faculty and staff, internal college-related information, and information regarding other organizations that do not directly benefit our college, students, and community will not be accepted.
  3. An event cannot be posted for longer than 30 days (defined by its "post" and "remove" dates). Permanent information or links cannot be posted. A posted event may be resubmitted the day of it's expiration ("remove") date for another term.
  4. Only one instance of a particular event can be posted at a time due to limited space on our college home page. Duplicate event submissions or those that similarly describe an event already approved for posting will not be accepted.
  5. Your event will be reviewed for accuracy and eligibility by the college Webmaster. Additional verification by your dean, the Web Advisory Group, and/or the president's office may also be necessary.
  6. In case of a critical and unforeseen college-wide event or incident that may occur (such as a school closure), your event may be temporarily removed and replaced with an announcement to communicate the event or incident to the college community.
  7. If you provide a URL to a web page with more information, it must be to a currently "live" web page.

Proceed to the Homepage Events Form.

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Page last modified: December 04, 2014