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Tutor Responsibilities &Employment Information

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Under the supervision of the faculty coordinator and/or designated faculty or classified supervisor, provide tutoring to assigned students. All tutoring must be conducted in the Tutorial Center unless special arrangements have been made with the Faculty Coordinator.


All new tutors must enroll and complete the Tutoring Theory & Practice I class in their first semester! Tutor schedules are arranged by the tutor and the Center's staff. Tutors are asked to fill out a schedule of availability at the beginning of each semester. If this schedule changes, please let a staff member know. Please notify the Tutorial Center staff when you have terminated tutoring sessions with a student.

Absences & Punctuality

If you are going to be late or absent please contact the Tutorial Center as soon as possible 925.424.1471. Absences without notification will negatively impact your employment status as a tutor. Please be here and ready to work at the appointed time.

Work Hours

All tutors can work a maximum of 20 hours per week.. Tutors are responsible for not scheduling themselves beyond these limits. The Tutorial Center will not pay tutors for more than 20 hours per week! Please note:

Paid Time

Tutors will be paid only for actual work time. Work time includes the 15 minutes "grace period" a student has to show up for a scheduled tutoring appointment. Group tutoring sessions will be paid at the same rate as individual sessions.

Time Sheets & Pay Information

You will be required to turn in blue "Tutor/Student Schedule Vouchers" at the end of each tutoring week. The blank forms are located on the wall in the tutor workroom. It is very important to complete these vouchers legibly & completely immediately after each session so your payroll sheet can be correctly completed. If your student is a "No Show" please indicate that on the voucher and return it to a staff member. Vouchers that are over one week old when turned in will not be accepted. We will keep track of your hours for and fill out your time sheet. Paychecks will be available in building 1600 on the last working day of each month.

Scheduling Appointments

Initial tutor/student matches for tutoring sessions will be made by the Tutorial Center's staff. After a match is made, the assignment sheet will be placed in your tutor file. Tutors are responsible for checking their files daily (or every day they are an campus) for assignments. Tutor files are located in the tutor workroom (2401B). Tutors are also responsible for calling students to set up all meeting times for tutoring. If you do not respond to an assignment slip within two days your student will be reassigned.

Notices & Communications

Communication between the Tutorial Center and tutors will be placed in your file. It is your responsibility to to check your file daily or every day you are on campus.

Tutor Work Area & Atmosphere

Please help us keep the Tutorial Center orderly, clean and quiet. It is essential that noise be kept to a minimum.


Conduct yourself in a professional manner. Be aware of your communication skills, language, and behavior. All students and staff need to be treated with respect and dignity. Failure to do so will impact your status as a tutor.


Whenever possible, the Tutorial Center seeks to provide tutors with necessary supplies or equipment. All books and supplies are for use in the Tutorial Center only. Any special needs should be brought to the attention of the Tutorial Center staff. Please fill out a "loan" contract for laptops and textbooks at the beginning of the semester to expedite the time it takes when requesting books or laptops.

Dress & Grooming

While we do not have a "dress code" we do expect you to dress appropriately for the position (i.e. avoid "dressing to distract"). Personal hygiene is important since you are working in close quarters. Please do not smoke directly before entering the Tutorial Center. Some students are allergic to smoke and it causes respiratory issues. Thanks!


Your performance as a tutor will be evaluated during the semester. Any concerns regarding your evaluation will be discussed with you and appropriate recommendations will be made. Evaluations will also be used to determine your continuing status as a tutor as well as outline areas of needed improvement.

Problems & Conflicts

If you are experiencing difficulties during or as a result of your tutor assignment, please see the Faculty Coordinator to work out a solution.

Failure to comply with the information above may result in the termination of your status as a tutor. Tutors are hired as temporary hourly employees on an as needed basis and are not considered permanent employees of Las Positas College.


Tutorial Center

Study, Tutoring and Reading Room

MDB Room 2401

Email Pauline Trummel
Office Phone: 925.424.1471
Fax: 925.456.0671



Hours of Operation




Monday 9-7

Tuesday 9-7

Wednesday 9-7

Thursday 9-7

Friday 9-3



Monday 10-3

Tuesday 10-4

Wednesday 10-4

Thursday 10-3





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Page last modified: April 27, 2018