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Tutr 200 is a FREE course for all LPC students! (It does not go on your transcript)

All students who receive tutoring are registered in this course the first time they sign in. This course will not be listed on your transcript or grades but may be listed on your weekly schedule. Please do not drop this course. There is no fee for Tutr 200. It is used for tracking and funding purposes.


About the Tutor Training Program:

LPC students who pass classes with an A or B and enjoy working with people are encouraged to be tutors. The Las Positas College Tutorial Center offers all LPC students free tutoring in many classes and is dedicated to students’ educational success; therefore, we train our peer tutors to do the best job possible. All tutors must take a training class at the beginning of their tutorial experience in order to know how to manage tutorial sessions, understand the ethics of tutoring, enhance communication and listening skills, work with each learning style and avoid common mistakes in tutoring. Tutor training is conducted through a variety of educational means to best meet the schedules and learning needs of the tutors. Advanced levels of training are available for those wishing to learn more about learning disabilities, leadership and innovative techniques. The training is designed to fulfill the College Reading and Learning Association’s certification requirements. Tutoring may be done for pay or college credit.


Courses Offered:

TUTR 17A: Tutoring Theory and Practice I

Credits: .50

Training for college tutors to acquire specific skills and techniques for tutoring in academic and vocational subject areas and basic skills. The course will provide a conceptual framework of tutoring to guide students in leading effective tutoring sessions. Required course for all beginning tutors.


TUTR 17B: Tutoring Theory and Practice II

Credits: .50

Intermediate training class for college tutors. Tutors will acquire specific skills and teachniques for tutoring in academic subjects, vocational subjects and basic skills at an intermediate level. Required course for second semester tutors participating in the Las Positas College Tutorial Program. Prerequisite: TUTR 17A


TUTR 17C: Tutoring Theory and Practice III

Credits: .50

Advanced training for college tutors to obtain skills and techniques in academic and vocational subject areas and basic skills remediation. Emphasis upon leading group tutoring sessions, mentoring new tutors, and tutoring students with learning disabilities. Required course for third semester tutors participating in the Las Positas College Tutorial Program. Prerequisite: TUTR 17B



Important Tutor Training Information

1. Tutoring Theory and Practice I (Tutr 17A) meets in a "boot camp" method -- 2 Saturdy sessions at the beginning of each semester. Labs include several assignments and weekly forms.

2. Purchase the textbook: A Training Guide for College Tutors and Peer Educators by Sally Lipksy. Prentise Hall, 2011.

You will not receive credit for the Tutor Training class or be able to continue tutoring unless all the assignments are completed by the dates given in the syllabus. See Pauline if you have questions.

All volunteers must view the "Tutor Tutor" site (listed below) and the Tutor Lingo modules before beginning tutoring

  • "Tutor Tutor" is independent training developed by LPC and revised by Skyline College. New tutors must read and write a summary of what they learned and how they will apply the material covered in Tutor Tutor.
  • The TutorLingo link is available from Pauline Trummel, Tutorial Programs Instructor/Faculty Coordinator

Helpful resources for tutors:




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