Theater Arts Program

This program fulfills typical lower-division requirements at four-year institutions. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore it is essential that the student also refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

Courses Offered

Acting I, Acting II, Theater History, Modern American Theater, Fundamentals of Stage Speech, Children’s Theater, One-Acts, Musical Theater, Improvisation, Film to Stage, Film as Communication, Intro to Technical Theater, Technical Theater, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Theater Management, and Bay Area Theater Appreciation and more! Check the college catalogue for the most up to date information!

“Every day I learn something new about my craft, whether it's through performances or classes. I fall in love with what I do more and more. Acting isn't easy, it's hard work." - Abby P.

Helpful Information for Current and Prospective Students

Theater Major Advising Packet **Updated 8/25/2016**

AA Degree for Transfer FAQ Sheet

AA Degree For Transfer Presentation

Priority Registration Info (to help you get the classes you need!)

Careers in the Theater Arts

Announcing our NEW DEGREE - Technical Theater Certificate of Achievement

Children's Theater
How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
All My Sons
The Addams Family Musical
A Raisin in the Sun


Associates Degree (For Transfer) - recommended degree

The Associate in Arts for Theater for Transfer (AA-T) major is designed to provide knowledge, training, and practical experience in all aspects of theater arts. The benefit of transfer admission with junior status to the CSU and UC schools is of immeasurable value for our students. The ability to save money, work towards their major, and gain training and skill in a personalized environment such as ours, will only serve to better prepare them as artists and academics.This degree follows a specific state mandated curriculum in order to make transferability easier for students.

Associates Degree

Similar to the AA for Transfer Degree, the AA at LPC degree allows students to graduate in 2-3 years with an associate’s degree in theater. The course work for this degree, though generally the same as the AA-T degree, allows students to focus some of their time it the theater program more specifically on areas of theater related to their own interest, from one of the following: Technical Theater, Performance/Acting, of Theater History/Theory. Students are given the opportunity to hand craft the program that most interests them.



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