Computer Software Request

To request consideration of a new software title or to request that a specific software be updated to the latest version, simply fill out the form below and click the 'Submit Request' button at the bottom.

Please note that this form is not to be used to request funding for new or out of date software, but rather to assist the Technology Department in planning and coordination of software deployment.

As a professional courtesy, please make all computer lab requests at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which it is needed.

Name: *

Email Address: *

Phone Number: *

Campus Department: *

Room number where software is to be installed: *

Onto which computer is the software to be installed?

The computer in my office.
The classroom instructor computer.
All computers in the lab.

Software Title: *

Software Version: *

Software Publisher: *

Is this software an update to a version that is already installed on the computer?

Yes, this software is an update.
No, this software is not an update.

Do you have the installation discs for this software?

This software is on a DVD or CD disc that I have.
This software is available for download from the publisher.

Link to the installation file download on the publisher's website:


* Denotes a required field

Please enter the code shown in the image and click on the Submit button.

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Page last modified: March 13, 2018