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Groupwise IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) Settings

With an authorized Novell Groupwise account at LPC, you can configure your smart phone to send and receive emails through Groupwise via your current email client.  

Configuring a smart phone to work with Groupwise email:

Download and follow these simple steps in Adobe PDF format to configure your smart phone:

for iPhone users: GW IMAP Configuration Guide for iPhone 

for Android users: GW IMAP Configuration Guide for Android 

Quick IMAP server settings:

    LPC Faculty IMAP Server:
  • (port 143)
    LPC 5po IMAP Server: (Staff)
  • (port 143)
    LPC Counseling IMAP Server:
  • (port 144 - you will have to manually change this from default port 143 during set up)


Stephen Gunderson

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Page last modified: July 16, 2013