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A message from the Safety and Security Department:

Title IX Investigation (for incidents involving a student) The College is required to promptly and equitably respond to all reports of Prohibited Conduct under Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in educational institutions based on sex or gender, including through sexual harassment and sexual assault. Approximate Duration: 60 calendar days, with the possibility of extension under certain conditions. Decision-Making Process: The Title IX Coordinator will issue a final Outcome Letter based on the findings of the investigation.

Summary of the Title IX Investigation and Review Process:

• When a determination is made to proceed with a Title IX investigation, the Title IX Coordinator will investigate or will assign an investigator or investigators.

• This Title IX investigation procedure will determine findings of fact using the “preponderance of the evidence” standard (i.e. it is more likely than not that the Prohibited Conduct occurred).

• At the onset of an investigation, the investigator will advise the Respondent of the allegations against him or her, in writing, in the form of a Notice of Investigation, and this notice will be provided to the Impacted Party.

• Both the Respondent and the Impacted Party will have an opportunity to respond to the Notice of Investigation in writing and in a meeting with the investigator. Both parties have the right to request that the investigator meet with relevant witnesses and evaluate relevant documentary or other evidence.

• Students may have a support person accompany him or her through the process. A support person may not speak for the student.

• The investigator has broad discretion in determining whether an offered witness or documentary evidence would be relevant or helpful to a determination.

• In the event the investigator is not the Title IX Coordinator, the investigator may provide a written report to the Title IX Coordinator, as appropriate to assist the decision maker or decision makers. In such cases, the Title IX Coordinator will review the report and may request further review from the investigator, or may ask for additional information directly from parties or witnesses.

• The decision-maker is either the Title IX Coordinator or the Title IX Coordinator and an academic member (in cases in which the accused is a faculty member) or an HR representative (in cases in which the accused is a staff member).

• Upon completion of the investigation and review of all materials, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will issue each party a written Outcome Letter including findings of fact, and if applicable, any actions the College will take to provide accommodations to the Impacted Party, or safety measure(s) for the College community. The letter will also describe whether any systemic remedies are being considered or implemented. An Outcome Letter will be provided to both parties, although the content of each letter may be modified subject to the limitations of FERPA and other relevant federal or state privacy laws. Where Prohibited Conduct has been found to have occurred by the Respondent, the Outcome Letter will be provided to the Respondent’s supervisor, HR manager, or Dean, as appropriate under the circumstances.

• Both parties to a Title IX investigation may appeal the outcome.




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Page last modified: April 25, 2017