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New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty 2017 Class
(Top from left: Victoria Austin (CIS), Sebastian Wong (EMS), Mary Lauffer (BUSN); Bottom From Left: Darcy Ernst (BIO), Jessica Owyoung (COUN), Lyndale Garner (ECD); Not Pictured: Daniel Cearly (ANTR); Joanna Jen (POLI); Leslie Payne (ESL))

The Faculty Association, Office of Academic Services, and Staff Development Committee collaborate each year to provide a New Faculty Orientation program for newly hired faculty. More detailed information about these orientations, along with resources for newly hired faculty, may be found below.

Full Time (Contract, Regular, Temporary Leave Replacement) Faculty
Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty
Classified Professional Staff

Full-Time (Contract, Regular, Temporary Leave Replacement) Faculty

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

New Faculty Orientation Program

In lieu of a first year committee assignment, newly hired faculty must complete the New Faculty Orientation Program. Meeting for the 2017-2018 Academic Year are scheduled in the TLC (Room 2410) from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM on the second Friday of each month.

Topics for 2017-2018 Program

September 8, 2017: SLOs and eLumen (Madeline Wiest and Marty Nash) (SLO Overview PPT)

Contact Information - Marty Nash, SLO Liaison for MSEPS and CATTS ( (925-424-1245)

Angelo Bummer, SLO Liaison for A&H and BHAWK ( (925-424-1235)

October 13, 2017: Payroll and Benefits Explained in Detail (Lori Benetti)

November 10, 2017: No Meeting (Holiday)

December 8, 2017: Health, Wellness, and Stress Management (Dayna Barbero)

January 12, 2018: No Meeting (Holiday)

February 9, 2018: The Tenure Process (Nan Ho, Don Carlson, LaVaughn Hart, and Heike Gecox)

March 9, 2018: TBD

April 13, 2018: TBD

May 11, 2018: TBD

Other Resources

Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Adjunct Faculty Responsibility Hours (FA Information)

FA Newsletter Information

New Faculty Orientation Program

All information pertaining to part-time (adjunct) faculty working conditions can be found in the following articles in the Faculty Contract: 9B, 18 (Pay close attention to Articles 18I and 18T)

Classified Professional Staff

**Under review by the Classified Senate**


Professional Development

Howard Blumenfeld
Professional Development Coordinator


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