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LPC takes great pride in its Instructional Technology efforts. We offer faculty -- and thus, students -- the tools necessary to maximize learning in the digital age. The links above offer a variety of resources to help improve your technical and teaching-with-technology skills.

If you're not familiar with Blackboard, it is what's known in the educational arena as a course management system. In other words, it's a virtual classroom on the Web that is used to post course information and/or deliver instruction.

Almost everything you can do in the regular classroom (i.e. lectures, quizzes, presentations, discussions, group activities, etc.), you can do in Blackboard. And it's relatively easy to use, which is one reason why it is one of the most popular e-learning systems in the world. Click the Blackboard link above to learn about LPC's Blackboard training program.

Staff Development

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Page last modified: September 14, 2016