Campus Safety & Security

Victim Resources

Medical Assistance

Facility Phone Number
Las Positas College Student Health Center 925.424.1830
Valley Memorial Hospital, Livermore 925.447.7000
Valley Care Medical Center, Pleasanton 925.847.3000
Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices, Pleasanton 925.847.5050
Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley 510.537.1234
Axis Community Health 925.462.1755

Crisis Counseling and Shelters

Facility Phone Number
Rape Crisis Center Hotline 925.706.4290
Tri-Valley Haven Crisis Hotline 925.449.5845
Victim-Witness Assistance Program 925.862.2525
Valley Community Health Center 925.449.1664
Shelter Bed Hotline 800.774.3583
Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) 925.416.3415
Tri-Valley Haven for Women 925.449.5842
Las Positas College Counseling services 925.424.1400


Campus Safety & Security
Lost & Found

Building 1700
Room 1725


*16 from Campus Pay Phones
Emergency call-boxes

Switchboard operators are here until 7pm Monday - Thursday, and 5pm on Fridays.

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017