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Careers in Public Safety and Health - Police, Fire and Emergency Medicine - are as demanding intellectually and physically as they are exciting. Extensive schooling is needed to prepare students to take jobs protecting the public and lifelong learning is needed to maintain one's job, all while maintaining excellent physical condition. Still, the satisfaction of being "out there, when it happens, making a difference to protect life and property" makes the challenge of such a career worth it to the thousands of Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians in the Bay Area.

Students whose future interest lies in Law, Medicine or other related fields take classes in Public Safety and Health because they find the unique opportunity to learn "hands-on" is valuable later in their working lives.

While units in this program are transferable to many institutions, students should consult a counselor for transfer information.

Public Health & Safety

Nan Ho
Math, Science, Engineering & Public Safety

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017