About LPC Library

Library Hours, Location, Phone Numbers, & Staff

Library Hours:

Monday - Thursday, 8 am - 8 pm
Friday, 8 am - 2 pm

Summer hours vary. See Library Home Page for seasonal schedule.

Library Location:

3000 Campus Hill Drive
Post Card View of Library Livermore, CA 94551-9797

Library Phone Numbers:

Reference: 925.424.1150
Check Out: 925.424.1151
Fax: 925.606.7249

Library Staff:

Library Coordinator  -  Tina Inzerilla - 925.424.1158
Reference Librarian  -  Frances Hui  -  925.424.1160
Reference Librarian  -  Angela Amaya - 925.424.1159
Reference Librarian  -  Kali Davis - 925.424.1155
Library Services Specialist  -  Diana Navarro-Kleinschmidt - 925.424.1153
Learning Resources Assistant  -  Virginia Edwards - 925.424.1154
Learning Resources Assistant  -  Lesley Barron - 925.424.1157
Library Technician I  -  Peter Cardin - 925.424.1152



Mission Statement & Intellectual Freedom

The mission of the Library is to provide the information services and resources required to meet the needs of the educational programs of Las Positas College. The Library's primary goal in developing the collection is to support the educational programs of Las Positas College. The Las Positas College institutional objectives, as stated in the college catalog, include offering a two-year curriculum designed to:

  1. permit students to transfer typically as juniors, to leading four-year colleges and universities;
  2. provide technical training to prepare students for employment in occupations requiring two years of study or less, or to assist persons already employed;
  3. make continuing education available to residents desiring to increase their knowledge and skills.

Statement of Philosophy:

The Learning Resources Program exists to facilitate and improve learning by supporting and expanding the instructional capabilities of Las Positas College and providing students with the opportunity to develop information-seeking skills for self-directed studies and lifelong learning.

Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries
Association of College & Research Libraries - An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

Resolution Reaffirming the Principles of Intellectual Freedom in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks


Library Cards

The Las Positas College I.D. is your library card. Place your current registration sticker on the back and present it to the staff at the Check-out desk to have it activated. After that, you must "renew" it each semester when you receive your new registration sticker. You may use it at both LPC and Chabot College.

Reference Services

A librarian is on duty to assist you during all hours of operation. You can get help in locating needed information in the Library or in outside sources. Instruction in the use of the reference tools, audio-visual materials and equipment, the Web catalog, Web periodical databases and Internet research is also available.

Interlibrary Loan

Students may request all materials except reference and reserve materials from the Chabot Library. Request books by call number at the Checkout Counter or through the library catalog. Use the Full Details printout from the library catalog for your request. Ask for periodicals by magazine or newspaper title and fill out an Interlibrary Loan form (available at the Checkout Counter) for each item at the Checkout Counter. Materials from Chabot are delivered on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Check for the status of your material at the Checkout Counter. You may also go to the Chabot Library and borrow materials directly. These materials may be returned to the Las Positas Library.

Instructor Reserve Materials

Reserves are books and materials placed on short-term loan periods at an instructor's request so that all students in the class may have an opportunity to read or review the material. These materials are available on request at the Checkout Counter. You must have your library card and know your instructor's name and the class title to ask for these materials. Loan periods vary from one-hour library use only, up to one week.

Library Information Commons (Computers)

The Library Information Commons consists of PC computers with programs to support your academic work, including Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. All currently registered LPC students may use the Lab. If you wish to print you must purchase a Print Fee Card at the bookstore (discount card) or in the Library or 803 Computer Center Labs (not discounted). When you print, a print fee will be deducted from the card for each page you print.

You may the computers for a maximum of two hours each day. You should be able to use the computers independently or come to the Lab when a computer tutor is available to help you. You should save your documents on a flash drive or CD. Files saved on the computer hard drives are automatically erased when the computers are shut down. You should check for viruses on your disk or ask for help if you do not know how. Viruses may damage your documents, your disks, and your home computer.

You may not add any program to the hard disk nor copy any programs from the hard disk because of strict copyright laws.

The Library is also pleased to offer laptop computers with wireless network connection for use on the LPC Campus for students, These laptops are configured to provide you with the same functionality as the other networked Library computers, you may search the Internet, type your papers, create presentations and Excel charts. You can not print from these laptops. Currently enrolled students of Las Positas College may borrow available laptop computers by presenting an LPC picture ID. We regret that we cannot lend laptop computers to administrators, faculty, staff, visitors, or members of the community. Students will be asked to read and sign the Library’s Loaner Laptop Use Policy the first time they check out a laptop and each semester thereafter. Students must sign a 3-hour Laptop Computer Contract each time they check out a laptop. The student borrower is responsible for the proper use and safe return of the laptop computer and all peripheral devices. Student users must able to use the installed applications. The Library staff cannot offer software and hardware support.

Las Positas College Computer Use Guidelines

Library Classes

Research Skills Workshops

Learn how to research library databases and the web, evaluate websites, create citations and use NoodleBib. Four stand-alone classes are available on various research skills needed by today’s student. Taught in a workshop-style format, each class will meet just twice and is worth a .5 unit credit each. Held in the library’s instructional computer lab area, these four classes provide basic library and research skills that will be useful in any academic or work environment.

See your counselor, and/or a reference librarian for more information.

Library Check-Out & Circulation Policies

For information on checking out library materials, renewing library materials, material loan schedules and returning library materials, click on the above link, "Library Check-Out & Circulation Policies." LPC Library also has use policies for three other specific groups:

High School Student Use Policy

LPC Advisory Committee Member Library Card Procedure

Community Member Library Use


Non-Library Marketing in the Library Policy

In an effort to maintain a quiet study and learning environment for students, the library does not allow any non-library person or organization to leave materials, hand out flyers to, or approach individuals inside the library in order to recruit, solicit, or market to library users. This includes students, faculty, organizations, clubs, military personnel, government agencies, etc.

The library will provide space for pre-approved flyers and hand-outs in the library entryway.


Confidentiality of Library Records

LPC Library formally recognizes that all records identifying the names, social security numbers, or I.D. number of library patrons and the library materials that they use are confidential in nature. Such records are not to be revealed to anyone other than the patron in question without either the express written permission of the patron in question or the adherence to proper legal and College procedures regarding required access to such information. For the complete text of the policy, click on LPC Confidentiality of Library Records.

The American Library Association also provides a site, State Privacy Laws Regarding Library Records, which is a guide to understanding state library confidentiality laws.

LPC Library Technology Plan

The original Library Technology Plan was written by a library committee and submitted to the Faculty Senate in 1999. The technology issues discussed in that plan have been implemented. At present LPC Library adheres to the LPC Technology Department Standards and Policies, as modified to integrate with library services and student access.

Collection Development Policy

The primary purpose of the Library's collections is to support the educational programs of Las Positas College. For more information about how the collections are built and maintained, please see our Collection Development Policy.

Collections: Print, Nonprint, Online, Current

Books and AV

The library collection includes: 27,470 books, 2,477 DVDs, 2,198 CDs, and 1,335 VHS titles. (May 2009)

Use the Library Catalog to search for these materials. Books, are shelved in the stacks for check out. You must get the call number or jewel case for videos, DVDs or CDs and request them at the Check-out Desk.


Magazines and Journals

The Library subscribes to over 200 magazines and journals which are listed in the Las Positas College LibraryCatalog by periodical title and subject.

Current issues are on display shelves near the entrance. Back issues for the last few years are organized on shelves on the right wall as you enter the library. They are in the open stacks and you can get them yourself. Newspapers and magazines are in separate sections and are arranged alphabetically by title and then by date.


Las Positas College Library subscribes to the following newspapers in print form: San Francisco Chronicle, Tri-Valley Herald. Additional newspapers can be in digital format using the America's Newspaper database.

Magazines and Newspapers in Electronic Print Reference Resources

Finding magazine and newspaper articles in Las Positas College Library:

Use the LPC Library electronic print resources to find articles in thousands of magazines, newspapers, and journals to which the Library subscribes online: Academic Search Premier, Ethnic Newswatch, Gender Watch, and America's Newspapers (includes complete full-text content of local and regional news). Check the complete list on the LPC Library Homepage

Other Electronic Print Reference Resources

Use the reference resources in the online databases to which Las Positas College Library subscribes: ArtStor, CQ Researcher Online, Literature Research Center, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, and CountryWatch to find statistics, literature references, current topics, pro and con information, and information on nations at the LPC Library Homepage.

Current Topic Resources

Reference copies of several valuable current issue series are shelved separately in the Library Current Topic Resources area. Included are At Issue, Current Controversies, and Opposing Viewpoints. CQ Researcher. Check-out copies of all of the resources except this year's CQ Researcher are also available.

You may also use Opposing Viewpoints and CQ Researcher online. In addition, Academic Search Premier, America's Newspapers, Ethnic NewsWatch, and GenderWatch are useful for current topic research. Use the Library Homepage to find them all.

Email a Librarian

Library Telephone: 925.424.1150
Library Fax: 925.606.7249

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