International Students

Tuition and Living Expenses

Tuition and fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

International students may use the following table for estimating expenses while attending Las Positas College. All fees are subject to change at any time.

Tuition Fees

per year per semester
Tuition (12 units each semester @ $258 per course unit)
$ 3,096
Capital Outlay Fee (12 units each semester @17 per unit)
Enrollment Fee (12 units each semester @ $46 per unit) $ 1,104 $ 552
Health Services Fee $ 40 $ 20
Student Representation Fee $ 2 $ 1
Associated Students Activities Fee $ 20 $ 10
Total Fees $ 7,766 $ 3,883


Estimated Living Costs

per year
per semeser
Medical Insurance (cost depends on insurance company & level of coverage)
$ 600
$ 300
Books and Supplies
$ 800
$ 400
Rooms for rent (~$600 per month)
$ 5,400
$ 2,700
Food (~$250 per month)
$ 2,250
$ 1,125
Personal Expenses (~$150 per month)
$ 675
Transportation (~$60 per month)
$ 540
$ 270
Total Living Costs
$ 10,940
$ 5,470


Estimated Tuition and Living Costs

Total Tuition and Living Costs $ 18,706 per year $ 9,353 per semester


Summer Session (optional) - $321 per course unit. There are no unit requirements. Summer Session fees are not included in the above total.


Payment of tuition is due at the time of registration.  You may use cash, a Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card, a personal check (from a U.S. bank), a Money Order, or traveler's checks (in U.S. dollars).

It is important for students to bring enough U.S. dollars to pay for the first semester fees (approximately $2,000), books and medical insurance, and the first few months of living expenses (rent, meals, etc.).  You may wish to bring up to $5,000 to cover these initial expenses.  (We suggest you use traveler's checks, as it is the most secure form of money to use while traveling and is widely accepted by businesses in the U.S.).

For your own safety and protection, please remember to safeguard your money, passport and personal belongings

FACTS Deferred Payment Plan

To help you pay your educational expenses, Las Positas College is proud to offer FACTS as a convenient budget plan. With FACTS, you can make up to 5 monthly payments and have the funds automatically deducted from your checking account or credit or debit card. There is a $20 subscriber fee per sememster for this service. This is not a loan program. There are no interest or finance charges assessed and there is no credit check. Click here for more details and for the steps to enroll.

FACTS Payment Logo

Financial Aid

International students do not qualify for financial aid. There are however several scholarships that International students may qualify for. Please see Financial Aid for more information.

International Student Employment

There are very few jobs available for international students on campus. International students are not allowed to work off campus without permission of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and only after you have been here for over a year. To work without permission can result in deportation and denial of future entry into the United States.


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Page last modified: February 02, 2018