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Program Review

Welcome to the Program Review webpage, maintained by the Program Review Committee (PRC). Program Reviews are completed every three years, with Program Review Updates completed during the intervening years. The Program Review process is an integral part of college planning.

Program Review Update Template 2016-17 (Click Here to Download Template)

This template is for use by all instructional and non-instructional programs. It will be completed and reviewed during the Fall 2016 semester.

Please note: Part Two has been removed from the template. If you downloaded an earlier version, you can skip or delete Part Two.

Timeline for 2016-17 Program Review Updates

Date Due Sent To
May 1-Oct 16 Programs work on Program Review Updates (PRUs)  
Optional: Programs meet with their dean to prepare for PRU  
Oct 16 PRUs Due

Dean and Program Review Committee chair

Oct 12-Nov 27 Deans and PRC members read PPUs and collaborate to write the Division Summary.  
Nov 27 Division Summaries Posted online for division feedback
Feedback to programs Program Review Committee chair and programs
Dec 15 Edited PRUs (if edits were suggested) Dean and Program Review Committee chair
Jan 23 Updated Division Summaries Program Review Committee chair


Tools for Writers

Discipline Data Packets, Student-Services Data Packets and Program-Set Standards can be found on the website for the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

SAO results and Program-Level SLO results can be found on the Student Learning Outcomes site.

To receive SLO data from before the Spring 16 eLumen update, contact the SLO Committe Chair, John Ruys.

Glossary - click here here for a glossary of commonly used terms

Please contact the Program Review Committee Chair Karin Spirn with any questions.


Tools for Readers

Program Review Update Reader's Worksheet - Click here to download the worksheet

Dean's Summary Template - Click here to download the template

Suggestion for Revisions Form - Click here here to download the template

List of readers F16 - Click here to download the list

Directions for readers F16 - Click here to download the directions

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Program Review Committee

The Program Review Committee is a subcommittee of the Las Positas College Academic Senate.


The Program Review Committee promotes an effective and meaningful process with clear links to institutional planning and resource allocation.


The Academic Senate of Las Positas College charges the Program Review Committee to:

  • Create, evaluate, and modify (as needed) the forms and processes for Program Review
  • Mentor program review writers through a peer review process
  • Work collaboratively with administration, appropriate committees, and other College constituencies on the integration of program review into planning and resource allocation processes

Committee Documents

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Program Review Chair

Karin Spirn

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Page last modified: April 26, 2017