Graduates and Guests with Disabilities
or Special Needs

If you are a graduate or guest that has a physical disability or medical condition that requires access mobility seating or assistance, please contact John Armstrong at 925.424.1547.

Guests who require access mobility seating will be provided with one ticket for themselves and one ticket for an attendant to sit in the designated access mobility area. All other ticketed guests are required to sit within the bleachers. Please note that these tickets are included in the four ticket limit per student.

The LPC Health and Wellness Center Nurse Practioner staffs the First Aid Station and LPC Safety and Security personnel are also on hand.

The College makes every effort to contract an American Sign Language Interpreter for this event.

For application information

John Armstrong
Student Records Evaluator

For events information

Julie Thornburg
Event Coordintor


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Page last modified: April 28, 2016