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Psychology-Counseling 3: Counseling Theory & Skills

Learn effective helping skills which when taken with PSCN 5 can help you decide how a career in Human Services might be for you! Transfer: CSU, UC; GE: LPC AA/AS.

PSCN 5: Introduction to Human Services

Ever wonder what it would be like to truly help people handle life? Learn more in this beginning course and consider taking PSCN 6 Case Management in Spring 2005. Transfer: CSU, UC; LPC AA/AS.

PSCN 6: Introduction to Counseling Case Management

Introduction to case management theory, models and techniques, multicultural issues affecting case management theory.

PSCN 10: Educational & Career Planning

Exploration of the concept of educational/career planning focusing on personal career development through self-a assessment, psychological testing, and individual counseling. Emphasis on clarification of individual interests, values, needs, and abilities and investigationof occupational opportunities in the world of work. Designed for those undecided or uncertain about their career and educational plans. Transfer: CSU, GE: CSU Area D

PSCN 13: Multicultural Issues

Explorations of issues relating to the multicultural community in which we live. Discuss of four specific subcultures.

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