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Distance Education: Access Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

In August 1999, the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office distributed guidelines to help faculty and staff make their web pages accessible to students with disabilities. At the very least, all web pages must meet Priority 1 guidelines, as prescribed by the Web Accessibility Initiative. CCC Chancellors Office Distance Ed Guidelines

Web Accessibility Initiative

WAI, in coordination with organizations around the world, pursues accessibility of the Web through five primary areas of work: technology, guidelines, tools, education and outreach, and research and development. Web Accessibility Initiative

High Tech Center Training Unit

The High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges is a state-of-the-art training and support facility for community college faculty wishing to acquire or improve teaching skills, methodologies, and pedagogy in Assistive and Instructional Computer Technology. The Center supports Assistive Computer Technology programs at one-hundred fourteen California community colleges. More than seven thousand students with disabilities are currently enrolled in High Tech Center programs statewide. High Tech Center Training Unit

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