Disability Resource Center

College Student Resources (CSR) Club


The goal of the CSR Club is to provide support to one another as disabled students in order to better ourselves, while educating the students and staff at Las Positas College about various disabilities.


Please contact the Advisors for current meeting times and places. The F.A.C.E. Club welcomes any student who wishes to learn more about the club and the activities.


Please contact the Advisors for information on current activities in the F.A.C.E. Club.


Club Advisor: Karen Zeigler, Alternate Media Technology Specialist, Room 1615, 925.424.1524

Club Advisor: Jim Gioia, DRC Counselor/Coordinator, Office 1615H, 925.424.1508



Disability Resource Center

Building 1600, Room 1615
Phone: 925.424.1510
Fax: 925.424.1515

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Page last modified: April 27, 2018