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Psychology-Counseling (PCN) Courses

Counselors teach Psychology-Counseling (PCN) courses. These courses were developed to help educate students about the programs and resources of Las Positas College. These courses enable students to explore and develop a personal career plan, and improve and enhance study skills for success in college. These courses are also offered to increase students’ knowledge in multiculturalism. Additionally, they provide students with a means to learn theoretical knowledge, gain hands-on experience, and explore career opportunities in the field of Health and Human Services.

For more information about PCN courses and the Certificate of Achievement in Health and Human Services, check out the current LPC catalog.

Course Units Description GE/Transferability
PCN 3: THEORIES AND CONCEPTS OF COUNSELING: AN INTRODUCTION 3 This is an introductory course to the theories and concepts, as well as the historical foundations of counseling with an emphasis on fundamental principles of the therapeutic process. There will be a major focus on multicultural principles and major diagnostic categories, problems, and solutions relating to recovery in counseling. Ethics in counseling, as well as legal implications will also be introduced and examined. AA/AS GE. Transfer: CSU; CSU GE: D
PCN 5: INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN SERVICES 3 Course examines the history, themes, ethics, values and principles at work in the human services field. Emphasis is placed on modern practice, an overview of research techniques, and critical skills that lead to effective human service work. Students will examine human service roles, agency and community resources, a multicultural approach to diverse populations, personal motivation and professional characteristics needed to succeed in human services. Transfer: CSU
PCN 6: INTRODUCTION TO CASE MANAGEMENT FOR HUMAN SERVICES 3 An introduction to the role and importance of case management within Human Services. Exploration of theories, models, techniques and multicultural issues affecting case management. Emphasis placed on case management philosophy, ethics, concepts, skills and practices. Analysis of needs, documentation, confidentiality and individualized plan development. Transfer: CSU
PCN 8: THEORIES AND CONCEPTS OF GROUP PROCESS 3 Concepts and theories of group process for effective functioning in interpersonal and group settings, including mindful listening, interviewing, group interaction and facilitation, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Comparative and integrative approaches to five ethnic groups will be emphasized: African-Americans, Asian Americans, European-Americans, Latino-Americans, and Native Americans. Focus on improving the individual’s understanding of group dynamics in human services settings, relating across differences of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and social class. AA/AS GE. Transfer: CSU
PCN 10: CAREER AND EDUCATIONAL PLANNING 2 Exploration of the concept of career, educational and life planning focusing on personal career development through self-assessment. Emphasis on clarification of individual interests, values, needs, abilities and decision making styles, investigation of occupational opportunities in the world of work, and introduction to job search strategies, resume writing and interview skills. Designed for those undecided or uncertain about their career and educational plans. Transfer: CSU; CSU GE: E.
PCN 13: MULTICULTURAL ISSUES IN CONTEMPORARY AMERICA 3 Exploration of issues relating to the multicultural community in which we live today. Interpersonal relations and communication. Focus on improving the individual’s understanding of other cultures and how those cultures impact the American lifestyle. Includes exploration of myths and misunderstandings. Discussion of four specific cultures or sub-cultures from the following groups: (1) African-American, (2) Asian-American, (3) Hispanic American, (4) Native-American, (5) Middle Eastern-American, (6) European-American, (7) Gay/Lesbian American and (8) Disabled American. AA/AS GE. Transfer: CSU, UC; CSU GE: D; IGETC: 4
PCN 15: COLLEGE STUDY SKILLS 2 A review of study skill techniques for success in college. Topics include college culture and resources, time management, personal learning style, organization, note-taking and test-preparation strategies. Includes practice and evaluation of study skill techniques. Transfer: CSU
PCN 18: UNIVERSITY TRANSFER PLANNING 0.5-1 Introduction to the resources and planning process needed to ease transition from community college to a four-year college or university. Development of a transfer action plan. Preparation for major and general education requirements. Application cycles and important deadlines. Recommended for those transferring to four-year colleges or universities. Transfer: CSU, UC; CSU GE: E
PCN 25: TRANSITION TO COLLEG 0.5 A survey of practical strategies for academic success focusing on the new student. Examines goal setting, college policies, graduation requirements, campus resources, student’s rights and responsibilities, and student educational planning. Designed for first time college students in order to enhance their transition into college and maximize their academic/career technical potential. Transfer: CSU Degree Applicable
PCN 28: ORIENTATION FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 1 Exploration of practical strategies for academic success and to experience a positive transition into the American educational system and culture focusing on the new international student. Examines goal setting, cultural adjustment, college policies, graduation requirements, campus resources, programs and services, student rights and responsibilities, introduction to the California systems of higher education, student educational planning and other topics as needs are identified. Designed for first time international college students in order to enhance their transition into American society and maximize successful matriculation through college toward their academic goals.
PCN 30: STUDENT SUCCESS AND THE COLLEGE EXPERIENCE 3 This course explores concepts, knowledge, and skills relevant to college success. Students will engage in critical analysis on a variety of topics, including motivation, decision making, interpersonal communication, multicultural awareness, and learning theory. Problem solving strategies will be applied to areas including goal setting, career development, wellness, and accessing campus resources. Transfer: CSU, UC; CSU GE: E.
PCN 40: LIFE SKILLS: FINANCIAL LITERACY 1 Promoting financial responsibility through learning the basics of handling money and finances, including how to create positive relationships with financial institutions. Emphasis on understanding effective financial practices including record keeping, wise use of credit, saving and investing, budgeting, consumer safety laws, loans and home ownership. Transfer: CSU

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