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Counseling Hours
Mondays - 9AM-5PM
Tuesdays - 9AM to 7PM

Wednesdays - 9AM to 7PM
Thursdays - 9AM-5PM

Fridays - 9AM to 12PM

* Please note: If arriving to see a Counselor one hour before closing, depending on the number of students waiting, you may not be accommodated due to limited staffing. The Front Desk Staff will let you know if the wait is too long. This is particularly an issue around registration time and we apologize for any inconvenience. If a Counselor happens to be unavailable, please ask the Front Desk Staff if they might be able to answer your questions. Keep in mind Staff cannot answer counseling related questions, but can assist with more broad issues such as registration, assessment, orientation, etc.


How to Meet with a Counselor

The two primary ways to meet with a counselor are drop-in or by appointment. Each is described below.

Drop-In-- For new, returning, and currently enrolled students

  • In order to see a counselor you must first fill out an application. There is no fee or obligation. Fill out the application for Las Positas College at this link:
  • During open hours - Bldg 1600, area 1616D. During busy times, please arrive at least an hour before closing.***
  • Assistance for new, returning, and currently enrolled students with short questions ( 10-15 minutes).
  • Students with critical incidents may use drop-in.

*** Please be aware that if you come to counseling within an hour of the office closing time, depending upon the number of students waiting, you may not be seen. The front desk staff will be able to let you know if the wait is too long. This is particularly relevant around registration time.s is strictly due to the state-wide budget crises.)

Appointments -- For currently enrolled students only

  • During open hours - Bldg 1600, area 1616D or call the counseling office at 925.424.1400.
  • Appointment services are not available during the first two weeks of each semester and finals week. Students may use drop-in counseling during those times.
  • EOPS/CARE and Disability Resource Center students: Contact those departments directly for appointments.

**IMPORTANT CHANGES Regarding Counseling Appointments**

In order to reach the largest number of students with very limited resources, the LPC Counseling Department has recently made the following changes:

  • Appointments will be made throughout the semester, except during the first 2 weeks and finals week, on a space-available basis. Plan ahead.
  • "No Show: policy: If a student misses an appointment and does not call to cancel prior to the appointment, then the student will need to wait until the following semester to book another appointment.. There will be an appeals process for extenuating circumstances. The form is available in the counseling office.

Appointments are required for the following services:

  1. Student Education Plans-SEPs (1 hour)
    A personalized, multi-semester “ map” of your classes.
  2. Unofficial Evaluations-Transcript Review (1 hour)
    Evaluating courses from other colleges toward current goals.
    Please have official transcripts on file.
  3. Personal Counseling (1 hour)
    Assistance with any concern that is interferring with academic success. Students with critical incidents may use drop-in.
  4. Veteran's Evaluations (1 hour)
    All official transcripts must be on file prior to the appointment
  5. Financial Aid Evaluations (1 hour)
    All official transcripts must be on file prior to the counseling appointment.
  6. Transfer Admission Guarantees (1 hour)
    Contract of classes that student agrees to that guarantees transfer admission to participating colleges.
  7. Readmission Contracts (1 hour)
    Class plan for students readmitted after dismissal.



During the admission process, students are asked to submit their high school and other college/university transcripts to the LPC Admissions and Records Office. If a student needs to enroll in a class with a prerequisite that was completed at another college or with advance placement scores, he or she will need to show proof of course completion to a counselor ("course override"). Unofficial transcripts/grade reports are acceptable documentation for "course overrides."Flyer


Counseling Office

Building 1600
First Floor
Room 1616

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If you are a returning student, a potential student or a community member please follow this link for further assistance



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Page last modified: August 29, 2016