Counseling and various counselors at LPC.

Academic Counseling

Counselors are available to discuss any concerns related to academic progress. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact counselors in the Las Positas College Disability Resource Center (DRC). Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS/CARE) students should contact EOPS Counselors.

Selecting Classes

Counselors help students select classes in which they can succeed and will lead them toward their goals. Some factors counselors consider when assisting students class choice include:

  • English and math skills
  • Weekly work hours
  • Family and life commitments
  • Academic and career interests
  • General education requirements
  • Major requirements
  • Prior college credit

Student Educational Plan (SEP)

Any student already taking classes at Las Positas College is eligible to write a Student Educational Plan (SEP) by appointment with a counselor. An SEP is a personalized, multi-semester “map” of classes based upon a student's academic skills, interests, and educational/career interests. Many students find an SEP helpful in keeping them on track and focused on taking classes relevant to their goals. You do not need to know your precise educational goal or major to write an SEP.

Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs)

Counselors also write transfer admission guarantees for eligible students (usually eligible students have already earned 30 or more transferable units). A transfer admission agreement is a contract between a student and any participating 4-year college/university outlining transfer requirements (timelines, classes, and GPA) to be completed to gain guaranteed admission. They are usually written about 1 year in advance of transfer. Students need to make an appointment with a counselor to determine eligibility and to write most agreements.

Probation Clearance Forms

Students who are on academic or progress probation are required to seek academic counseling regarding their grades prior to registering for the following semester’s classes. Students will discuss strategies for improving their academic record with a counselor and complete an Probation Clearance Form. The Probation Clearance Form must be shown to admissions in person prior to registering for classes.

Readmission Petitions and Readmission Contracts

Students who have been dismissed from Las Positas College and wish to be readmitted can meet with a counselor to apply for readmission. If the readmission committee approves a student’s Petition for Readmission, the student must comply with the conditions of readmission, including completing a Readmitted Student Contract prior to registration until they are in good academic standing.

Counseling Office

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First Floor
Room 1616

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017