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Instructional Computer Use Guidelines


Important Notice

Using the computers at Las Positas College is a privilege, it is not a right. Students must follow these policies. Violation of these policies may result in the loss of computer privileges, deletion of unauthorized work without notice, and other consequences including suspension and expulsion.

The computer labs have installed and utilize NetSupport software.  Please be aware that the lab assistants can view and monitor your computer screen as required to facilitate the learning process.


Computer Lab Material Fees

As stated in the LPC Class Schedule, there is a fee for printing from any computer. A PRINT FEE CARD can be purchased from the Bookstore (discount card) or from the card dispensers in the Library or 803 Computer Center (not discounted). A new Print Fee Card must be purchased if the card is lost. No refunds will be made for printing mistakes.


Prohibited Activities

  • Do Not bring food or drinks to the library, classrooms, or labs.
  • Do Not view offensive websites or files.
  • Do Not play games or enter chat rooms.
  • Do Not harass other users verbally or physically.
  • Do Not create or introduce computer viruses.
  • Do Not restrict access to or damage LPC systems or data.
  • Do Not alter the configuration or contents of hard drives.
  • Do Not alter data belonging to another user.
  • Do Not install software from home or the Internet.


Computer Use Policies

  • You may only work on academic projects assigned or authorized by Chabot or Las Positas Instructors.
  • Children are not permitted in the computer labs without the immediate supervision of a parent/guardian and the prior written permission from the Vice President of Student Services. Regardless, visitors may not use LPC computers.
  • College policy and civil law forbid unauthorized downloading or copying software or other files.
  • Use of LPC computers for profit or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • Please do not try to fix a computer or printer if they seem to be malfunctioning or if course related CDs or programs do not run properly-ask for assistance.


Computer Use Guidelines

  • In the Library, please ask for assistance from a computer tutor or a librarian.
  • In the Computer Center, please ask for assistance from an instructional assistant.
  • Your files must be saved on your own USB drive or other media. Do not save files to the hard drive; they will be erased.
  • Label your USB drives and Print Fee Cards with your name, class, and instructor's name so if you leave one behind, you might get it back.
  • Floppy disks and print fee cards found in the Computer Center and the Library are kept at the main desk in the 803 Computer Center or the Computer Tutor Desk in the Library. Other items are taken to Security, room 1725.
  • Please properly exit all software applications and remove your disks at the end of each work session.
  • Please leave the computer on for the next student.
  • Please switch all phones, pagers, watch alarms, etc. to silent mode. If you do get a cell phone call, please take it outside so you don't disturb others.


Special Notice about Computer Viruses

Las Positas College like many other colleges and businesses has had problems with computer viruses in the past. We make every effort to keep our computers virus-free. Each computer has software for you to check your files for viruses before and after each computer use session. If you need help using the virus software or you find a virus on LPC computers, please ask staff for assistance.


Special Notice about the Security of
Personal Information on the Internet

Remember that Internet transactions (credit cards, etc.) are at your own risk. It is possible to intercept or retrieve information sent through Internet browsers. Many people use these computers. We strongly suggest you not put sensitive personal information through the Internet on public computers.

Computer Center

Building 800
Room 803

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017