Computer Center


What we will do:

Help with software/equipment-related problems or questions.
Answer coursework-related questions and help you if you are prepared.
Help with Blackboard login questions or problems.
Point you to other resources if we can't solve your issues.

What we will not do:

Do your reading or assignments, or take your tests for you!

Computer Center general overview:

This is both a classroom and an open lab for studying.
Any currently enrolled LPC student  may come in to work any time we are open.
Students who follow the LPC Computer Center policies and guidelines can normally use any available computer in the lab, however, occasionally areas may be reserved for classes.


Fall and Spring: Mon-Thurs: 7:30 am—9:30 pm, Fri 8:30 am—3:00 pm

Summer: Mon-Thurs: 8:00 am—9:00 pm, Fri: CLOSED


  • 101 PC’s with Windows 10 or 7
  • A wide variety of software is installed, ask if you cannot find what you need
  • 5 iMacs available first come-first serve, with MS Office and graphics programs installed

Logging on:

  • Computers may be on or you may have to turn them on
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del for login screen
  • For Windows: Username: student, Password: (leave it blank)  click OK
  • When you finish, close all programs, remove your media, and leave computers on

Saving Your Work

DO NOT save your work to the hard drive— (with one exception noted later)
Deep Freeze protects our hard drives and will erase it if you crash or reboot, or if the power goes out!
DO save your files to a Flash/USB drive, online to your account, CD-R/RWor DVD-R/RW
DO use the T: (thawspace) drive if you must save to the hard drive while working
DO save early and save often and make back-up copies to prevent losing your work


  • There are four network printers: A, B, C and Color
  • Computers are normally set to the closest printer, but can print to any
  • PLEASE ASK if you don’t see your print job or suspect printer problems
  • When many people print at the same time, or people print from graphic intensive programs (like PowerPoint) there may be a wait while printouts process
  • If the network is down for any reason, no-one will be able to print
  • Color printer must be selected from print dialog box list. Cost is 50 cents per page.

Print Cards:

  • There is a pay-per-page print system called GoPrint on campus
  • Fees: print fee is 10¢ per page (B&W), 50¢ per page (color), Print card itself costs 50¢
  • With a  $1 bill (no coins) you can purchase a card with 50¢ value on it in 803 or the Library
  • You can add value to any card using the Cash to Card  machine at the 10¢ per page rate
  • The Cash to Card  machine only accepts bills and does not give change
  • Computer Center staff does not handle cash and cannot make change or give refunds.
  • You can buy a discount print card for $8.00 from the bookstore.
    This discount card is worth $10.00. That means you get 100 pages of B&W printing for 8¢ each!

Using Your Print Card:

  • Choose to print from your programs as you normally would
  • Check the computer name on the sticker on the monitor, e.g. 803-A1
  • On the GoPrint kiosk touch screen, locate and tap your computer name in the list
  • Follow the instructions on the screen, inserting print card when prompted
  • Verify how many pages are printing and the cost before you tap "Pay and Print"
  • Pick up printout from the printer you sent your job to
  • Jobs sent to the printer will expire (disappear) after 30 minutes if they are not paid & released

Other Information:

Restrooms are located down the hall near Auto Tech across the courtyard to the north, or in bldg. 1600 passed the reception desk on the right
Convenience items: staplers, pencil sharpeners, hole punches, etc.
A scanner is available for student use on G-2
Lost and found is at staff desk except valuables which are taken to Security in 1725


General Rules:

This room and the computers in it are here for studying and course-related work.
Please conduct yourself in a way that is respectful to other lab users, including:

  • Turn cell phones off or set to SILENT &  please take calls outside
  • Visiting and social activities are to be conducted elsewhere on campus
  • Likewise, please enjoy your food or drinks before you come into the 803 lab

DO NOT:   

  • Connect external devices such as laptops to lab computers or network cabling
  • Download or install software, except as assigned coursework
  • Change the contents or alter the configuration of the hard drive
  • Use computers for chatting, gaming, viewing obscene or offensive material,
    hacking, pirating or e-commerce (see Computer Use Policies)
  • Create or introduce viruses.  If a scan finds an infected file, please let us know .


  • Ask lab assistants for help: It is what we are here for!!
  • Use blue recycle bins for unwanted printouts. (Paper may be reused as scratch)
  • Know that this is a PUBLIC computer lab. Computers may be monitored and your privacy is not guaranteed. Please behave accordingly and guard personal information
  • Lab use is a privilege, not a right. Please follow the lab rules and pay attention to staff instructions and warnings to retain your lab privileges.


Computer Center

Building 800
Room 803

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017