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Open Enrollment

It is the policy of the District that every class offered should be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who meets the academic prerequisites of the class and who is otherwise eligible for admission to Las Positas College.

Enrollment Limits

Students are cautioned that some classes and programs may prove to be so popular or so limited by physical facilities and/or availability of qualified instructors that all students who apply cannot be accommodated.


Many courses offered by the College require the completion of prerequisite courses. Students are advised to consult the course descriptions found in this catalog for the identification of the prerequisites for a course. Courses with prerequisites are also designated in the current Class Schedule.


Prerequisite means a condition of enrollment, which a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enrollment in a course or educational program.

Corequisite means a condition of enrollment consisting of a course, which a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course.

Strongly Recommended means a condition of enrollment, which a student is advised, but not required, to meet before, or in conjunction with, enrollment in a course or educational program.

Prerequisites may be challenged for the following reasons:

  • The prerequisite has not been made reasonably available;
  • The prerequisite was established in violation of regulation or in violation of the District-approved processes (student documentation required);
  • The prerequisite is discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner (student documentation required); or
  • The prerequisite was met based on the student's knowledge or ability to succeed in the course without the prerequisite (student documentation required).

Location of Prerequisite Challenge Form: Prerequisite Challenge Forms are available from the Academic Division Offices, Office of Admissions and Records and Counseling Offices.

Request for Course Substitution or Waiver of Program Requirement

Students who have had substantial prior experience related to the content of a college-level course, and who can present adequate evidence of their competence, may petition to have enrollment in that class waived without college credit for purposes of satisfying a program requirement. Courses considered for substitution must have been taken at an accredited institution. Petitions for course substitution or waiver of program requirements are available from the Counseling Office and from the Office of Admissions and Records. Approval of the request by the Dean of Student Services is required prior to completing registration. Approval shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. Adequate evidence of competence as supported by transcripts, statements of employers, military or technical school certificates, etc.;
  2. Statement from an instructor that the course reflects the appropriate subject matter and fulfills the necessary program requirements, and signature of the Division Dean to validate the course. Students shall be advised that courses waived receive neither unit nor grade credit and that other courses may be needed to satisfy the total number of units required to complete the program of study.

Classification of Students Based on Unit Load

The following classifications have been established based on unit load:

  • Full-time student: Registered for 12 or more units
  • Three-quarter time student: Registered for 9.0 to 11.5 units
  • Half-time student: Registered for 6.0 to 8.5 units

Limitation on Unit Load

Eighteen (18) units per semester are considered to be a maximum load for a student. In order to take more than the maximum, approval must be obtained from a counselor.


Auditing is permitted only for the following specific classes: Senior Community Choir, Community Choir, and Chamber Music Ensemble. The fee to audit is $15 per unit.

Course Conflict/Course Overlap

Students may not enroll in two classes that meet during any part of the same hour.

Adding Classes

During open week and until census (see calendar for this date), if a class has not been officially closed by an instructor, students may continue to register into open classes. Students who are on the Waitlist and wish to add should attend their first class. Instructors will issue add authorization numbers to students in the order that they appear on the Waitlist. After the Waitlist students have been accommodated, other students may be added according to their priority number. Remember, only the last four digits of the priority registration are used by the instructor to determine “add” priority into the class. Refer to the current Class Schedule for add deadlines and procedures or go to

Summer Add Procedures

Students who submit applications on or after the June deadline must attend the first session of each class in which they wish to enroll. At that time, the instructor will issue an add authorization number if there are seats available.

Withdrawing from Classes

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from classes by the deadline date listed in the current Class Schedule. There is no automatic withdrawal process. Failure to follow the proper withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of "F". Students may drop a course by CLASS-Web, or in person at the Office of Admissions and Records.

Requests to withdraw from a class that are received by the "NGR" (No-Grade-of-Record) deadline will not appear on a student's academic transcript. If a student withdraws from a course after the "NGR" deadline but on or before the "W" (withdrawal) deadline, a "W" will appear on their transcript. A "W" notation will not affect the student's grade point average; however, excessive "W" notations may affect (1) progress status, (2) status as a full-time student, (3) eligibility for financial aid and other benefits, or (4) athletic eligibility.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for important deadline dates.

Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal

Class withdrawal after the twelfth week of instruction is permitted only on the grounds of verified extenuating circumstances (accident, illness, or other matters beyond the control of the student). A "W" will be granted only if the petition is approved and the class instructor verifies that the student is maintaining a passing grade of "D" or better (grade "CR" in CR/NC courses). Those students whose request for withdrawal is denied may choose to continue current class enrollment. Extenuating Circumstance Petition forms are available at the Office of Admissions and Records.

Military Withdrawal

If a student is called to active military duty after the No-Grade-of-Record (NGR) period, he/she is entitled to military withdrawal (MW). Servicemen and women should provide copies of their military orders to the Dean of Admissions and Records.

Withdrawing from the College

Students who intend to withdraw from the College must initiate withdrawal procedures for each class in which they are enrolled. Students are held accountable for clearing all obligations with the College including fees, library books, equipment, and lockers. The deadline for withdrawal from classes with a guaranteed symbol "W" is Friday of the twelfth instructional week. Refer to the Class Schedule for deadlines.

Instructors' Withdrawal Option

The instructor may drop students who miss the first meeting of a course. In addition, an instructor may initiate a drop if the student is absent for a total of four (4) consecutive or six (6) cumulative instructional hours and/or two (2) consecutive weeks of instruction.

Repeating a Course

Effective Summer 2012, under the new Title 5 regulations, a student may only enroll in a non-repeatable course 3 times, through a combination of substandard grades (D, F, NP, or NC) and withdrawals (W). All prior course attempts at the Chabot- Las Positas Community College District will count toward the limit. Students may seek approval to enroll in a course a 4th time through the petition process. The petition is limited to the following:

1. In extenuating circumstances, such as verified cases of accident or illness.
2. Due to a significant lapse of time (3 years or more).
3. In a variable unit or open entry/exit course that can only be completed once,
    but with multiple enrollments.
4. For cooperate work experience courses (up to 16 credit hours).
5. For special needs courses (continued need must be demonstrated for
    each enrollment.
6. When repetition of a course is legally mandated.
7. Where there is a significant change in industry or licensure standards.

When a student has repeated a course and earned a passing grade of A, B, C, D, or P, he/she may petition the Dean of Admissions and Records to count, for grade point calculation only, the most recently earned grade. Physical Education activity courses may not be repeated for a higher grade.

Students are advised that both the original and subsequent grade will remain on their transcript and that in transferring to another institution, they may be held responsible for all units attempted.

Course Repetition: Special Circumstances

Students may not repeat a course in which they received a passing grade of A, B, or C. However, under specific conditions, the Dean of Student Services or designee may permit the repetition of courses for which a grade of "C" or better has been received.

These conditions are:

  • When the student's previous grade is, at least in part, the result of extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are verified cases of accident, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the student; or
  • When a student should repeat a course because there has been a significant lapse of time since the student previously took the course.
  • When it is necessary to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment.

California Education Code (Title V, Section 55763) states that grades awarded for courses repeated under these specific conditions shall not be counted in calculating a student's grade point average.


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