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Ron Johansen

AA Recreation Leadership, Chabot College
AA Therapeutic Recreation, Chabot College
AA Fire Service Technology, Chabot College

Subjects taught: Fire Service Technology, Health

Mr. Johansen is currently a firefighter, paramedic and hazardous materials specialist with the San Francisco Fire Department. He has been featured on CBS' "60 Minutes" and MSNBC's "America's Bravest." Johansen has been a professional firefighter since 1982 and has had the opportunity to protect Californians in some of our state's worst disasters, including the Cypress structure collapse in 1989, LA Riots in 1991, Oakland Hills Firestorm in 1992 and the Cedar Creek fire in San Diego in 2004.

The appeal to Mr. Johansen in FST as a career is the opportunity to provide services that reduce pain, hardship, suffering, and losses. Because of his personal commitment to "preaching the gospel of FST" he has been impressed with the support Las Positas College has provided him in creating and administering the program. "The college is well-managed. LPC focuses on providing the resources that meet the needs of the students, such as instructional aides, supplies, or equipment. This allows the college and the program to continually grow to meet the needs of today's firefighter."

Johansen's advice to students interested in FST? "It's not just a job, it's a career. There is a significant personal commitment on all levels - emotional, physical and mental. Maybe in your grandfather's time it was enough to just be big and strong. Now you have to know chemistry, biology, hazardous materials, investigative techniques. Oh, and you shouldn't be a smoker. Many departments have a strict-no-tobacco policy because on top of all that knowledge, you still have to be in excellent physical condition."

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Page last modified: April 25, 2017