About the Program

Economics is central to many issues facing us today—job creation, wage determination, health-care reform, future of social security, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability all require knowledge of economics. Economics, often called the "science of choice," analyzes how individuals, households, firms, and governments interact. Understanding those interactions is a distinctive feature of economics as a discipline and explains why so many everyday issues have an important economic dimension.

Career Opportunities

Economics courses at Las Positas College provide students with the education necessary to embark on rewarding careers in business, law, and/or public sector. These courses combine economic theory with a wide range of real-world applications and help students develop and master problem-solving skills, analytical clarity, as well build writing and communication abilities.


Las Positas College Economics courses prepare students for future coursework in Economics and Business and, most importantly, provide a framework for analyzing economic issues within the context of the business environment. The courses fulfill lower-division requirements for four-year transfer institutions.


Dean of Behavioral Sciences, Business & Athletics


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Page last modified: April 25, 2017