Business Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship

Las Positas College offers both an AA degree and a Certificate of Achievement (COA) option in this category.  Compare the Business Entrepreneurship AA and Certificate programs.

Both are designed to benefit entrepreneurs at any level.  Students will learn how to address the most common problems encountered by small business today and how to apply principles to establish and successfully operate a small business.   Program differences in a ‘nutshell’ are:

  1. The AA degree program requires 60 units, whereas the certificate requires 28-29 units.
  2. The additional 30 units required to earn the AA degree are included in the following courses:
    1. ECON 1 or ECON 10
    2. BUSN 95 and BUSN 96; both are work experience courses
    3. The remaining units for the AA are earned in elective courses. Recommended electives for this program are
      1. BUSN 20: International Business
      2. BUSN 30: Business Ethics and Society
      3. BUSN 52: Business Communications
      4. BUSN 60: Consumer Finance and Ownership
      5. BUSN 81: Intro to Investments
      6. CIS 54: Excel: Intro to Spreadsheets
      7. CIS 71: Computer Typing

The AA degree prepares students intending to transfer by fulfilling typical lower-division requirements at four-year transfer institutions.  It is essential that students refer to the catalogs of the prospective transfer institution and consult a transfer counselor to obtain current transferability requirements. 

The Programs

AA Business Entrepreneurship

The AA degree in Business Entrepreneurship requires the completion of 60 units.
Click here to view the AA roadmap to success.

Alternate Roadmap PDF

AA Business Entrepreneurship

Certificate of Achievement, Business Entrepreneurship

The Certificate of Achievement (COA) requires the completion of 28-29 units. 
Click here to
view the COA roadmap to success.

Certificate, Business Entrepreneurship

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure
Use the link below to view Las Positas Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program.

Certificate of Achievement in Business Entrepreneurship

Business Studies

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