About the Program

Students who elect to major in the field of art have a variety of opportunities open to them. Choices include careers in teaching, art criticism, or work as practicing artists in painting and drawing.


Degree: AA - Art (Emphasis in Painting)

Freshman Year

Courses Units
Art 2A (Introduction to Drawing) 3
Art 2B (Drawing, Color and Composition) 3
Art 12A (Oil/Acrylic Painting- Beginning I) 3
Art 12B (Oil/Acrylic Painting- Beginning II) 3
Art 3A (Figure and Composition I) 3
Art 1 (Introduction to Art) 3
General Education Courses  


Sophomore Year

Courses Units
Art 4 (Art History: Ancient) 3
Art 5 (Art History: Renaissance to Modern) 3
Art 12C (Oil/Acrylic Painting- Advanced I) 3
Art 12D (Oil/Acrylic Painting- Advanced II) 3
Art 3B (Figure and Composition II) 3
Art 10 (Design and Materials) 3
Art 7A (Introduction to Watercolor Painting) 3
General Education Courses  
Total units required 60

Career Opportunities

The Art (Painting) major offered by Las Positas College provides a secure foundation for the student. Courses in the Art department are designed to fulfill the needs of Art majors, as well as those whose interest is avocational or recreational.


This program fulfills typical lower-division requirements at four-year transfer institutions. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year college or university; therefore, it is essential that the student refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor.

See also: Photography, Visual Communications

Arts and Communication

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