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Las Positas College

Industry Credentials

About Industry Credentials

Found in almost every trade, industry credentials or certifications help employers evaluate potential applicants and provide a standard or baseline of an employee’s knowledge and skills. Having a credential or certification helps secure future job advancement and increased wages.

Las Positas College has a wide variety of courses, programs, certificates and degrees that may lead to industry credentials. Below is a list of industries and their related credentials and certifications. Please note, while all courses may not offer taking the credential as part of the class, your instructor will be able to provide information about pursuing the applicable credential.

Commercial Music

Piano Technology 

Credential Provided by Piano Technicians Guild


Early Care & Education

Child Development Permits and Teaching Credentials provided by California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Information, Communication, and Technology

Computer Studies

Credential from CISCO

Computer Studies

Credential from CompTIA

CompTIA A+ Certification 

CompTIA Network+ Certification 

CompTIA Server+ Certification 

CompTIA Security+ Certification 

CompTIA Linux+ Certification

CompTIA Cloud+ Certification 

Computer Studies

Credential from Microsoft

Public Safety 

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

Credential Provided by National Registry of Emergency Technicians 

LPC - East Bay Regional Firefighter Academy

California Fire Fighter 1
California Fire Fighter 2

Credential Provided by State Fire Training

Paramedic Training Program

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) Paramedic Licensing 

Licensure Provided by National Registry of Emergency Technicians  


Automotive Technology at LPC

F204001103 - Basic Tire and Wheel Service
F307001103 - Physics of the Automatic Transmission
F307101103 - AT Mechanical Components Part 1
34S11W0 - Basic Electrical Theory and Operation
34S12W0 - Battery Starting and Charging System Theory and Operation
34S15W0 - Electronic Theory and Operation
34S13W0 - Electrical Diag. Tools and Testing - Part I
34S14W0 - Electrical Diag. Tools and Testing - Part II
33S11W1 - Suspension Systems Theory and Operation
33S12W2 - Steering Systems Theory and Operation
33S13W0 - Steering and Suspension Alignment
38S01W1 - Vehicle Brake Systems
38S02W0 - Brake Service Procedures
38S03W1 - Advanced Brake Systems Theory and Operation
35S01W2 - Climate Control Theory and Operation
35S03W0 - Electronic Climate Control Theory and Operation
51S03W2 - Diesel Engine Theory and Operation
52S01W0 - Diesel Engine Repair
51S04W2 - Diesel Fuel Supply and Fuel Injection Systems
51S05W2 - Diesel Air Inlet and Exhaust Aftertreatment
31S20W1 - Introduction to Engine Performance
31S21W0 - Fuel and Air Theory and Operation
31S22W0 - Ignition Theory and Operation
31S23W0 - Exhaust and Emissions Theory and Operation
31S24W0 - EP System Relationships and OBD II Monitors
36S10W0 - Manual Transmission and Transaxle Operation
36S13W0 - Differential and Driveline Systems Operation
36S14W0 - Transfer Case and RWD Based 4WD Systems Operation
37S10W0 - Intro to Auto Trans Theory and Operation
37S11W0 - Automatic Transmission Electronic Control Systems Operation
32S06W1 - Engine Operation, Diagnosis & Repair 1
32S07W0 - Engine Operation, Diagnosis & Repair 2

Credential from Ford Motor Company  

Automotive Technology at LPC

596 - Multimeter  & Meter
Verus Edge Lab Scope Operation & Data Management
Verus Edge Navigation & Scanner Operation
ShopKey Pro Service & Repair Information Level 1 
ShopKey Pro & SureTrack Advanced Level 2         
Pro-Cut Rotor Matching Certification
Tire Fundamentals
T7800 - Tire and Wheel Service Certification       
B2000P - Wheel Balancing Certification 
Wheel Balancing Basics  Wheel Service                  
Zeus Navigation & Scanner Operation    
Zeus Lab Scope Operation & Data Management 
TPMS 4.0 - Wheel Service Certification   
PMI 6- Dial Gauge Measurement             
PMI 5- Micrometer Measurement           
PMI 4- Angle Measurement                      
PMI 3- Gauge Measurement                     
PMI 2- Slide Caliper Measurement          
PMI 1 - Tape and Rule Measurement     
Meter Certification Pre-test       
Electrical Safety Test - Torque Certification                         
Hand Tool Safety Test - Torque Certification                       
Torque Electronic with ATECH2FR100B 
Torque Theory Test - Torque Certification                           
Torque Mechanical Certification Torque  

Credential from National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3)

Automotive Technology at LPC

A1 - Engine Repair
A2 - Automatic Transmission / Transaxle
A3 - Manual Drive train and Axles
A4 - Suspension & Steering
A5 – Brakes
A6 - Electrical / Electronic Systems
A7 - Heating & Air Conditioning
A8 - Engine Performance
A9 – Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
L1 - Advanced Engine Performance Specialist 
L2 - Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis Specialist
L3 - Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist
G1 - Auto Maintenance and Light Repair 
C1 -Service Consultant
F1 – Alternative Fuels CNG
X1- Undercar Specialist Exhaust Systems
HVAC 609 – Air-conditioning Recycling/Recover/Charging

Credential from National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence