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Las Positas College

Online Learning

The Online Learning program at Las Positas College offers students the convenience of completing their educational goals at a distance. If you are enrolled in an online course, all class sessions, materials, and exercises are available any time of the day or night for you. All of your coursework is done virtually. Simply log into your course through a web browser, and you’re in class!

LPC offers different types of online courses, along with courses with online components, to meet the needs of all students:

  • Asynchronous online: All activities and work are done online at any time of the day or night in Canvas.
  • Synchronous online: All class meetings occur live online on scheduled days and times in Zoom.
  • Synchronous online and asynchronous online: Scheduled live, online meetings are combined with online asynchronous activities.
  • Hybrid: Scheduled on-campus meetings are combined with online asynchronous activities.
  • HyFlex: Instruction is conducted on campus and online (synchronous and/or asynchronous). Students decide how they want to participate. Note that instructors can mandate on-campus attendance for major exams. Learn more about HyFlex.

Whatever type of course you enroll in, you will be using the learning management system Canvas, which is the hub for online learning at LPC.

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