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Las Positas College

Title IX: Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct


You are not alone.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and caring college environment at Las Positas College.

The District does not tolerate sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, including (but not limited to) sexual assault, sexual coersion, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, cyber-stalking, retaliation, discrimination based on gender and hate crimes based on gender. If you have experienced or would like to report sexual harassment/ misconduct, please click on the following link:

LPC Student Title IX Incident Referral Form

Reporting Options

You have the right to decide whom and when to tell about what happened.  It is also your right to have a support person (such as a sexual assault victim advocate, friend, or family member) with you while you report the incident to law enforcement and/or the Title IX Coordinator or designee.

The District’s primary concern is your safety and the safety of our campus community. If you have been affected by or witnessed sexual misconduct, you should not be discouraged from reporting the incident because you are concerned that you might be subject to disciplinary action for related student conduct violations, of drug or alcohol use. Unless the District finds the violations egregious, including, but not limited to, an action that places the health of safety of any other person at risk or involves plagiarism, cheating, or academic dishonesty, affected parties will not be subject to disciplinary action.


Campus Safety (925) 424-1690 non emegency (925) 424-1699 emergency. 24-hour dispatch to report on campus/near campus, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, or threats of any of these. 

** For an emergency requiring the police or fire department, dial 9-1-1**

Local Law Enforcement (police, sheriff)

To report off campus sexual assault, domestic or dating violence, or stalking, or threats of any of these, contact the law enforcement for the location of the incident.

Both Local Law Enforcement and Las Positas Campus Safety will:

Help you to obtain medical assistance
Help you obtain Emergency Protective Orders if appropriate
Conduct a criminal investigation if appropriate and requested
In the event of an arrest, help you obtain court order to protect you
Connect you with community support services


Filing a Complaint with the LPC Title IX Office:
To report any sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, or threats of any of these committed by a student, staff, faculty, or other member of the campus community, with or without filing a police report and whether on or off campus, contact the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Title IX Coordinators. You can also submit an LPC Student Title IX Incident Referral Form.

Retaliation is prohibited against any person who assists someone with a report of sexual misconduct, or participates in any manner in an investigation or resolution of the sexual misconduct report. Retaliation includes threats, intimidation, reprisals, and/or adverse actions related to employment or education.

MANDATORY REPORTERS - As a reminder, all LPC faculty members, staff members and administrators, who learn of suspected instances of discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, directly or indirectly, have a DUTY TO REPORT the information immediately to the District Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator at your campus.

As a recipient of federal funds, the District is subject to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities.  Title IX protects students, employees, applicants for admission and employment, and other persons from all forms of sex discrimination, including discrimination based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity. All students, (as well as other persons) at the District are protected by Title IX—regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, part- or full-time status, disability, race, or national origin—in all aspects of the District’s educational programs and activities.  The essence of Title IX is that an institution may not exclude, separate, deny benefits to, or otherwise treat differently any person on the basis of sex.