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Las Positas College

Educational Partnerships

What We Do

What does Educational Partnerships do?  Our projects include building and maintaining local collaborations with area high schools, community, industry, and correctional facilities. These partnerships support the work in our Adult Education, Early College Credit, Dual Enrollment (CCAP and Concurrent Enrollment), Noncredit, and Prison Education programs. 

In close collaboration with our partners, our goal is to reduce barriers to entry by offering programs and services that reach all students. We are passionate about student access and student success, and we realize there are many paths of education. We are here and happy to help! 

Introductory Video

**Created by Dr. Emerald Templeton, Ed Partnerships Manager (2020-23)

Our Community Partners

We coordinate with other campus divisions, community colleges, adult schools, and K-12 school districts, as well as the Mid-Alameda County Consortium to provide access to our collective resources and support student success.  By building connections with the Mid-Alameda County Consortium (MACC) and school districts in the Tri-Valley service area, we provide career education certification, pre-apprenticeship, and career re-entry programming. 

community partners map

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