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Las Positas College

Technology Organization Chart

The Information Technology groups are comprised of the District Information Technology Services (ITS), Las Positas Information Technology (IT), and Chabot Computer Support Services (CSS), and these groups work together on the common district-wide technology initiatives. These three technology groups collaboratively provide support for the management, maintenance, and operation of the technological infrastructure and equipment at the colleges and district. Services provided include instructional computing, administrative computing, system design and applications programming, network infrastructure (WAN and LAN), servers, desktop support, Web development and support (Internet and Intranet), hardware and software support, audio visual support for smart classrooms, phone systems, centralized Help Desk, and user training. District ITS provides for the system planning, development, operational control, monitoring, and security of services offered via the District’s network infrastructure.

In December 2012, the College IT groups for Chabot and Las Positas were changed to report to the District Chief Technology Officer, but their specific responsibilities to provide local support to the colleges remained the same. Both groups stay at their local college sites, all budgets for their areas stay at the local sites, and their duties and responsibilities remain the same. This consolidation of the College IT staff under the CTO has proven to be very beneficial to both the College IT and the District ITS staffs. The staffs work on common projects that affect all locations and the cohesiveness and synergy on all the college and district projects have made the implementations much more efficient with consistent application across all locations. It has also increased the collaboration across all sites to come up with more stable and compatible technology solutions that allow us to better serve the user community with quicker service.