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TechConnect Zoom

Funded by a grant from the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, TechConnect Zoom is a web conferencing system used by administrators, faculty and staff of the CCC system. It runs on technology powered by Zoom, but it is branded for the CCCs. 

Faculty can use TechConnect Zoom inside or outside of Canvas to communicate with their students in real time. It is mainly used in asynchronous online courses for office hours, tutoring sessions, or other appointments between the instructor and students. It is used in synchronous online courses to deliver instruction in real time. Additionally, it is used in HyFlex courses for all of the above reasons.

The short video below demonstrates TechConnect Zoom in Canvas. Among the topics covered are cloud recordings, reports for attendance, and appointment booking.

If you want to use TechConnect Zoom within Canvas, adhere to these important points:

  1. Faculty needing a TechConnect Zoom account should  contact the Canvas administrator.
  2. Having a Zoom account IS NOT the same as having a TechConnect Zoom account. Only TechConnect Zoom accounts work within Canvas.
  3. If you have a TechConnect Zoom account at a college outside of the CLPCCD, you will not be able to use it within our district's Canvas system.
  4. If, for some reason, TechConnect Zoom will not work for you in Canvas, you can go to (sign in at the bottom of the page), and create a meeting, copy the invitation to the meeting and send to your students. They then can meet you outside of Canvas. At some point, is supposed to change to
  5. Students do not need an account to participate in a TechConnect Zoom meeting within their Canvas course. View TechConnect Zoom Student Information.
  6. If you want to set up appointments in Canvas for students to book online via Zoom, use Tech Connect Zoom's Appointments tool. View a tutorial on using Appointments. Here is a video tutorial on Appointments. If students need help making appointments, you can share the student tutorial.
  7. Since TechConnect Zoom Meetings (not the Appointments tool) integrates with the Canvas Calendar tool, you also have the option of using the Calendar to make appointments. View a video tutorial on appointment slots in the Canvas Calendar. Please note that copying meetings from one course to another—particularly from one semester to the next—will not work. You’ll need to re-create the meetings in the new course. It doesn’t matter which copying options you choose.

  8. Prior to implementing TechConnect Zoom with your students, make sure to read LPC's Grace Guidance for Faculty: Cameras, Recording, and Proctoring.
  9. If you or your students have trouble connecting to Zoom from the Chrome or Firefox web browsers, view instructions on how to resolve the issue.
  10. Do not give students any other role in your Canvas course not just because this causes privacy issues in the course, but also because that role carries over to Zoom. This means that the student whose role was changed in Canvas will not be able to access their Zoom meeting as a student.
  11. To hide students when recording your class meeting, first, make sure you are recording to the cloud, then follow these steps:
    1. Go to (sign in at the bottom of the page), then click Settings. At some point, is supposed to change to
    2. Select the Recording tab, then under Cloud Recording:
      1. Select Record active speaker and shared screen
      2. Deselect Record gallery view with shared screen
      3. Deselect Record active speaker, gallery view and shared screen separately
      4. Deselect Display participants' names in the recording
    3. When you start your meeting, keep your Zoom view set to Speaker View (as opposed to Gallery View)

Teaching with TechConnect Zoom

Avoiding Zoombombing

If you are using TechConnect Zoom outside of Canvas and are concerned that people outside of your class will virtually hack, or "zoombomb", your meeting, follow these security tips:

TechConnect Zoom Resources