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Las Positas College

Writing Support

We offer many types of free reading and writing support.

RAW Center Drop-In

Walk-ins are welcome to use our free drop-in tutoring.  Reading and Writing (RAW) faculty tutors are available at the following times in different locations throughout campus or online.

Paper Drop Off

Drop off a paper for review using our free Penji app.  A faculty tutor will review your paper and send it back to you within two days.  Watch this video or visit the RAW Center webpage for more information.

English Concurrent Support Class

Enroll in a free, non-credit, English concurrent support class that does not show up on your transcript.  Visit the English Department website for more information

Peer Tutoring

Get free drop-in or appointment-based tutoring from student tutors who have already taken your class.  Walk-ins are welcome to use our drop-in tutoring in room 21215 (2nd fl, 2100 bldg).  Drop-in and appointment availability can be found using our free Penji app.  Scan the QR code to download our app

Smart Shops

Sign up for a Smart Shop workshop led by experienced faculty covering academic, transfer, and career topics.  Need to refresh English or Math skills?  Improve your writing or study skills?  Need help applying for transfer?  Watch this video or visit the Smart Shop webpage for more information.