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Las Positas College

Political Science

Welcome to the Political Science department web site at Las Positas College! The goal of this website is to provide information about the Political Science program at Las Positas College, including the faculty and students; to answer general questions about Political Science as a major; and to provide links to interesting Political Science web sites.

The Political Science program at Las Positas College is designed to meet a variety of needs, including:

  • fulfilling general education requirements
  • preparation for transfer to four year institutions
  • preparation for more advanced study in Political Science and related fields, like pre-law, government related careers, teaching, journalism, and much more
  • personal growth

The program offers students the opportunity to take introduction courses and explore the different concentrations in Political Science, including:

  • American Government
  • Comparative Government
  • Political Theory
  • International Relations
  • State and Local Governments

We are committed to providing a challenging and engaging introduction to the world of Governement and Politics, and take an active interest in our students' academic development.

We look forward to assisting you in reaching your goals!