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Las Positas College

Political Science General Information

Political Science is an academic discipline that includes the study of political institutions and process, theory and philosophy, comparative systems, international relations, as well as public policy, that dates back to before Plato. Artistotle described it as "the master science," because the political realm is all pervasive.

Las Positas College Department of Political Science focuses on both domestic and international governments and politics.

Why is political science a required course for California college students? Because we live in a "democracy"; we need to understand how we can affect public policy; how governments work, particularly our own; and we need to understand how we interact with the nations of the world.

American Government (POLI 7)

American Government is the most popular class as it helps fulfill the History and Institutions requirement for the State of California. This course covers the structure and functions of the American national, state, and local governments with emphasis on the development of our republican structure and democratic institutions.

California State and Local Government (POLI 12)

This course teaches the organization and operation of government and politics at the state, county and municipal level, including public policy issues.

Comparative Governments (POLI 20)

Comparative Governments compares and contrasts our system with others throughout the world.

Political Theory (POLI 25)

Political Theory introduces many of the ancient and modern theorists and theories of government.

International Relations (POLI 30)

International Relations exames how we interact with governments around the world by studying the political, social and economic relationships that exist. At LPC, we have many opportunities for students to become engaged through our on-going programs with the Northern California World Affairs Council, located in San Francisco.

The study of Political Science helps develop skills in writing and communication, research and analysis, as well as independent and critical thinking skills. A program of study in Political Science often leads to law school, business and public administration careers, government careers, journalism careers, international and trade organizations, community organizing, electoral politics, interest group work, and an active civic life!